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Community COVID-19 Resources and OCPL Updates


Though the Library has been closed since March 15, 2020, due to concerns over the potential spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in our area, OCPL  is still working behind the scenes to fulfill our mission to provide free and equal access to resources that assist our community in the pursuit of knowledge, information, education, research, and recreation. Our mission further states that we provide these resources to promote an enlightened citizenry, encourage lifelong learning, and enrich the quality of life.

As such, in these uncertain and unprecedented times, OCPL is closely monitoring information about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) both locally and nationwide. OCPL has compiled a virtual library of local COVID-19 resources, including links to pertinent COVID-19 information,  local & state agencies, assistance programs, and mental health hotlines, as well as a directory of local COVID-19 testing sites with maps, and an index of COVID-19 related Library updates.

All these resources have been brought together in a new section on our website which can be accessed with the following URL:

This, as you know, is a rapidly changing situation and the Library will continue to provide to add new information to our OCPL COVID-19 Update & Resources page. Though our doors are closed, we intend to continue to support the community and to provide services as best we can. 

UPDATE: 4/5/2020 - OCPL has added a spreadsheet of all cases and deaths reported in WV, county by county, tracking total number of residents tested and percentages infected to our COVID-19 resources.  

Visit our OCPL COVID-19 Update & Resources Page:

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Featured Image: OCPL Press Release: Community COVID-19 Resources and OCPL Updates

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