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Wheeling Reads Ekphrastic Art & Writing Contest Entry Form

  • The Wheeling Reads 2023 Committee is pleased to announce the Ekphrastic Art and Writing Contest. All summer long our community will be reading Heat and Light, a novel by Jennifer Haigh. The story explores the impact of the fracking industry on a small community in western Pennsylvania. We seek art and writing that responds to the novel and its underlying messages, including environmental degradation, the impact that fracking has on family and community relationships, the economic realities of fracking, and much more. Simply put, ekphrastic art and writing is rooted in vivid description and most often involves using another piece of art or writing as inspiration. How does Heat and Light inspire you?

    Please complete the following form in its entirety. (For hardcopy writing submissions and artwork, print this PDF and mail to Wheeling Reads Contest, c/o Sean Duffy, Ohio County Public Library, 52-16th Street, Wheeling, WV 26003.)

  • First Name: *
     Last Name: *

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  • First Place in each category wins a $100.00 prize!

  • Choose one: *

  • Artwork or Writing?: *

  • If writing, choose one:

  • Title of Submission (one entry per category, per person): *

  • By checking this box, I hereby certify that the work I am submitting is my original writing and/or art. I did not plagiarize another writer or artist nor did I use AI to create my work. : *

  • Attach writing submissions as Word or PDF docs. Photographic art or paintings my be submitted as jpeg files. 3 dimensional artwork must be submitted by hand at the Library.:
    (Acceptable Formats: .pdf, .doc, .docx, .jpg, .jpeg)



    Writing Submissions

    Writing can be submitted in one of three genres based on age group.

    Poetry is limited to one page, single spaced, 12 point font.
    Fiction is limited to 4 pages or 1500 words.

    Non-fiction is limited to 4 pages or 1500 words.

    Art Submissions

    Art submissions are limited to one entry per person.

    Art submissions cannot be larger than a 12’ x 12’ x 12’ box.

    Any medium is acceptable.


    Be sure to complete all sections of the submission form and attach your writing in MS Word or PDF format. For artwork, please print and complete the submission form and bring it with your artwork to the OCPL.

    This contest is blindly judged. The author’s name MUST NOT appear anywhere on the manuscript or artwork.

    All manuscripts must be titled, in standard 12-point font, and double-spaced. Poetry may be single-spaced.

    All artwork must be titled. Please add a note to the back of your work with the title.

    If you are submitting your artwork online, please add the TITLE ONLY to your artwork.

    Late entries will not be considered.


    No entry fee is required, and all rights in the story remain the property of the author.

    By submitting to the Contest, the entrant agrees to abide by all Contest rules.

    All entries must be original works by the entrant. Plagiarism, which includes the use of third-party poetry, song lyrics, characters, or another person’s universe, without written permission, will result in disqualification. Writing or art generated or created by computer software and/or artificial intelligence will be disqualified.

    Entries may not have been previously published in professional media.

    Neither the OCPL nor the judges are responsible for US Postal Service errors in the submission of art.
    Writing will not be returned.

    Art can be picked up at the OCPL after September 10 during library hours.


    Entries will be judged by professional artists and authors. Judges will not critique manuscripts or art entries. Entrants may not contact judges during or after the contest. Any attempt to do so will result in automatic disqualification. The decisions of the judges are entirely their own, and are final and binding.


    Winners will be individually notified of the results by phone or e-mail. Winners will be announced to the public at the Wheeling Reads Book Festival on September 9, 2023 at the Ohio County Public Library and posted on the library’s website and social media pages. We encourage all entrants to attend the festival and the awards ceremony.

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