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Brown Collection Index 1893-1911

The Brown Collection of Photographs

Index 1893-1911

Photo# Year Description    
1893 This inclined cable car, located on the hillside at 43rd Street, carried pleasure seekers from the city to Mozart Park on the top of the hill. View Photo View Page
1895 On April 9, the Hutchinson and Chapman buildings 13th and Main, collapsed and burned. Six people were burried alive in the ruins and killed. Six others were injured but recovered. The Wheeling Intelligencer called this the "greatest disaster in the history of the city." View Photo View Page
1896 One of the first signs of Spring in Wheeling was the organ grinder with a monkey. There were German bands that played on the street and passed a hat. Then there were performing bears, gypsies telling fortunes, and fakirs selling trinkets. View Photo View Page
1896 The ruins of the old burial vaults in the old Catholic cemetery on the hill above Reyman's brewery. View Photo View Page
1896 These iron coffins, resembling Egyptian mummy cases were found in the old Catholic cemetery near the old Reyman brewery. As Wheeling was an iron city, it is likely that they were made here. They were used in England and Germany during the 19th century. View Photo View Page
1899 The Grand Opera House doorway. Melodrama was the principle offering. View Photo View Page
1900 The ferryboat "Conveyer" at First Street carrying passengers to Martins Ferry. This was the most direct route to Martin's Ferry. View Photo View Page
1900 Riverboat "Ironsides" View Photo View Page
1900 The riverboat "Valiant" passing Wheeling Wharf. Notice that her smokestacks are down so that she could clear the bridges. View Photo View Page
1901 Market Street on a typical Sunday morning. The present Market House stands on the same site. Note the man coming down the street carrying two barrels, also the beer wagon in the center. View photo View Page
1902 A Spring day on the river front. The saplings in the park are now huge trees. Industry along the water front has commenced to slow up. View Photo View Page
1904 The Casino at Wheeling Park. Sara Bernhardt appeared here in 1905. Grand Opera, concerts, and orations were given here. View Photo View Page
1905 The advertising wagon and the beautiful white horse of the Grand Opera House. View Photo View Page
1911 A replica of Fulton's second steamboat "the Old New Orleans," built in Pittsburgh, arrived here in October, 1911, on her way south to the city of her name. Admission was 25 cents for a trip aboard. View Photo View Page


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The photos in this collection have been scanned to preserve as much of the artistic quality and style of the original.  If you would like a high resolution copy of a photo from this collection, please make a request through the OCPL contact form.

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