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Brown Collection of Photographs: 1-20

Index: 1800-1842

Photo# Year Description    
1800 This house was built by Ebenezer Zane about 1800. It was located at 11th and Main Streets. The Zane family setteled here in 1769 and founded Wheeling. Ebenezer Zane laid the first lot in 1793. View Photo View Page
1807 The Old Stone Church. View Photo View Page
1817 Stone Bridge at Elm Grove. It was remodeled several years ago and the fine lines were destroyed. It is still in use. View Photo View Page
1817 The old bridge at the foot of the St. Clairsville Hill. View Photo View Page
1818 This old tavern was built by Samuel Carter and later sold to G.W. Stamm, grandfather of Mrs. O.W. Burdats. It stood opposite Wheeling Park on National Road. Many famous people stopped at this tavern, including Martin Van Buren in 1848. View Photo View Page
1820 Stone and brick toll houses stood every 15 miles on the old National Road, with milestones in between. This one still stands about 5 miles beyond West Alexander. View Photo View Page
1822 The Market House and Town Hall cost $690. The Town Hall rooms were located on the second floor and slaves were bought and sold at this end. View Photo View Page
1829 This building erected about 1829, was originally known as French's Tavern. It stood on the Southwest corner of Chapline and 14th Street. View Photo View Page
1831 The First Presbyterian Church located between 12th and 14th on Chapline Street. It was built in 1825 and still stands although the steeple has been removed. View Photo View Page
1832 Interior of the Fourth Street Church. Jenny Lind sang from this rostrum. View Photo View Page
1832 The Old Fourth Street Church. Three churches were built on this site. This is the second, seating 2000. In the early days Chapline Street was known as Fourth Street. View Photo View Page
1834 The Exchange Bank was located on the corner of 12th and Main Streets. View Photo View Page
1835 Old Chambers House, Elm Grove. View Photo View Page
1837 The Covered Bridge across the back river from the Island to Bridgeport was completed in 1837 by the Zane family. View Photo View Page
1837 Double house supposed to have been built by the Zane brothers in 1837, for the toll keepers of the wooden bridge that spanned the back river. It stood on Zane Street. View Photo View Page
1837 The Bridgeport entrance to the covered bridge over the back river. Notice the raised railroad crossing gate in the center. View Photo View Page
1837 The old wooden covered bridge that crossed the back river was started by Noah Zane in 1833 but he did live to see it completed four years later. View Photo View Page
1839 The Old County Jail, built in 1839, stood near 12th and Eoff Streets. View Photo View Page
1839 The Old Court House. The cornerstone was laid April 10, 1839 by Ohio Lodge No. 1. This building was razed in 1900 and the Court Theatre structure erected at a cost of more than $170,000. View Photo View Page
1842 [Missing] Ad for the stage lines to Baltimore.    

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The photos in this collection have been scanned to preserve as much of the artistic quality and style of the original.  If you would like a high resolution copy of a photo from this collection, please make a request through the OCPL contact form.

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