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Edward A. Arkle

Newspaper Man

-- from: Callahan, J. M. (1923). Vol. II. In History of West Virginia, old and new (p. 22). Chicago: American Historical Society.

EDWARD A. ARKLE: "Beginning when he was about eighteen years of age and soon after leaving school, the almost continuous experience and service of Edward A. Arkle has been represented by work in the newspaper and publicity profession. Mr. Arkle is proprietor of the Wheeling News and Advertising Bureau, and has earned for himself a place of exceptional esteem in his native city.

He was born at Wheeling June 10, 1876. His grandfather, Robert Vincent Arkle was born in England in 1818, and was an early settler in the country around Wheeling and also lived at Wheeling for many years, being a merchant there. He died in 1888. Robert V. Arkle, father of Edward A., was born in Ohio County and died at Wheeling at the age of forty-seven. He lived at Wheeling practically all his life, and for many years was a merchant. He also served a number of years as assistant chief of the fire department under the late Chief James Dunning. He was a member of the Church of the Immaculate Conception, and was noted as a tenor soloist and was director of the church choir. He was a democrat in politics and was affiliated with the Ancient Order of United Workmen. Robert V. Arkle married Miss Barbara Anne Habig, a native and life-long resident of Wheeling. Their children were: Joseph M., who succeeded to his father's hardware business and died at Wheeling aged forty-seven; Harry V., who for many years was editor of the Wheeling Register, died at Wheeling also aged forty-seven; Miss Ella, who died at the age of twenty-two; Robert A., a jeweler with John Becker & Company and a resident of Warwood; Edward A.; and Vincent J., who was a jeweler and died at Wheeling at the age of thirty-seven.

Edward A. Arkle attended the parochial and public schools, graduating from the public schools in 1894. His first journalistic experience was acquired with the Wheeling Intelligencer, where he served what might be termed his apprenticeship for three years. Later he was one of the organizers of the Wheeling Telegraph, and was city editor three years. He was a member of the staff of the Wheeling News three years, and then went back to the Telegraph as editor until 1918. From about a year Mr. Arkle was news editor for the Wheeling Majority. Then, in 1919, he established the Wheeling News and Advertising Bureau, of which he is sole proprietor. He has facilities for every class of publicity work and advertising, one feature being a newspaper clipping bureau. His offices are in the Mutual Bank Building. Mr. Arkle is also secretary of the Terminal Storage Company of Wheeling. He is a democrat, a Catholic, and is affiliated with Reliance Lodge of the Ancient Order of United Workmen and the Lions Club. His home is on Avenue A, Edgdale, Wheeling. During the war he responded to all the demands and performed some useful service as a member of the several publicity committees.

In 1908, at Wheeling, Mr. Arkle married Miss Helen H. Perkins, daughter of Benjamin F. and Sarah Elizabeth (Eglinton) Perkins, residents of Wheeling. Her father is a general contractor and is president of the Terminal Storage Company. Mr. and Mrs. Arkle have one son, Benjamin F., born in July, 1909."

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