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M. F. Tighe

President of the Ohio Valley Trades and Labor Assembly

-- from the Wheeling Intelligencer, Jan. 13, 1896

M.F. Tighe elected president of Ohio Valley Trades and Labor Assembly

THE NEW PRESIDENT Of the Trades Assembly Has Seen Service in the Labor Ranks.

The newly elected president of the Ohio Valley Trades and Assembly, Mr. M. F. Tighe, is the poungestbly, Mr. M. F. Tighe, is the youngest portant position. Mr. Tighe entered this mundane sphere a little over thirty-seven years ago. For twenty-seven years he has worked at his trade, all of this time at one establishment, the Wheeling Iron and Steel Company. He has been an active memeber of the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers since 1880, and has represented his lodge at the last six annual conventions of the organziation, where his ability has been generally recognized.

Locally, Mr. Tighe has been continuously interested in the Ohio Valley Trades and Labor Assembly, and has always taken a leading part in its deliberations. Last year he was elected vice presidnet and his promotion this year to the presidency is deserved, shown by the fact that he had no opposition. It is not too much to expect that the assembly under his guidance will, the ship of state, avoid sunken reefs and hidden rocks, and make a record not surpassed in the past.

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