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Henry Ebeling


OBITUARY -- from the Wheeling Intelligencer, Jan. 18, 1887

A Former Resident Dies Here. The Funeral Arrangements.

Facsimile of the Obituary of Henry Ebeling, Musician

About two oclock yesterday morning Prof. Henry Ebeling died at the residence of Mrs. Augusta Miller, No. 2221 Eoff street. The deceased was very widely known in this city, especially by the Germans. He lived here from 1854 until 1880, when he removed to Columbus to live with his son Prof. Hermann Ebeling, the well known organist and musician. After leaving here he visited here frequently, and it was on a recent visit, December 30, 1886, that he became so ill that he could not be sent back to Columbus and was kept here and tenderly cared for by loving relatives and friends until claimed by death.

Old Professor Ebeling was born May 11, 1805, at Goldback, Brunswick, and came to this country in 1854. He came almost direct to this city and associated himself with Professor Vass, taught music, violin and piano, and furnished music on special occasions. Later on he was a member of the Vass orchestra, and Kramers and the Opera House orchestras. Also, in later years, he engaged in business in the Eighth ward for a short time, but the greater portion of his life he devoted exclusively to music.

His wife and daughter are buried in the Red Mens Cemetery in this city, where he will be interred to-morrow afternoon at 3 oclock. He has a daughter also living in Columbus, where his son Hermann is now. The funeral of the little, old, pleasant-faced, white haired musician, who has so often been seen playing his violin in the orchestra stall at the Opera House, and at innumerable ball and parties, will be attended by Logan Tribe No. 1, of the Order of Red Men, to which the Professor belonged, and also by the Opera House orchestra and the Arion Singing Society.

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