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Hawley Building | Mull Center

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Hawley Building in Wheeling

Razing of the buildings on the northwest corner of Main and Bridge Street began April 5, 1912, to make way for the Hawley Building, an office building designed by Wheeling architect Charles W. Bates for businessman James L. Hawley. 

The Wheeling Intelligencer reported May 25th, 1912: 

What will make one of the finest buildings in this vicinity, will be the James L. Hawley building... Work has been started on the foundation. It is designed for a ten story structure, but at present only seven stories will be built, but will be so arranged that the others may be added later.

A building permit for a $60,000 addition to complete the ten stories was issued in September 1913. The Princess Theater, showing motion pictures, opened in the building on April 6, 1914 and the Elliot Commercial School hosted its first classes in the Hawley Building two days later, Wednesday, April 8, 1914. 


 ➤ 1025 Main Street (Now called the Mull Center)


Hawley Building | Mull Center

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