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Wheeling vs. Kalamazoo baseball, May 19, 1887

-From Wheeling Daily Register, Friday, May 20, 1887



The Home Team Downs the Visitors By 9 to 7 – Fifteen Hundred Spectators Present At the Game.

The largest crowd of the season assembled at the Island Park yesterday afternoon to see the first appearance of the famous Kalamazoo club in our city, no less than fifteen hundred people passing through the gate. They came to see a good game of ball and they got it, as it was about as close and exciting from beginning to end as they make them. They saw something else that they didn't expect, as the Green Stockings succeeded in giving the boys from Michigan their second defeat of the season amid the wildest enthusiasm. The Wheelig team played a good steady game, and proved their ability to cope with best of them. Although they didn't get as many hits as the visitors, they managed to put them in just when they were needed most and their fielding was as sharp and timely as the hitting. The Western boys are a good-looking set of fellows and play a good game of ball, but the few errors they made were of the most costly description and let in runs nearly every time. They were short of Rhue, one of their heaviest hitters and best fielders, he having sprained his ankle, and to this circumstance they attribute their defeat. The error column, however, shows that the best fielding was done by the home team and that they won the game on its merits, no one can doubt who witnessed it. The umpiring of Mr. Tarkington was the rankest yet seen on the home grounds, his decisions being simple miserable and directly against Wheeling at the most critical points in the contest. It is not often the winning team finds occasion to protest against the umpire, but that he was way off on balls and strikes, was apparent to everybody who was in a position to judge. As both captains are equally loud in their denunciations of his work, it is safe to say that he will not officiate to-day.

The Wheeling boys have reason to be proud of their victory as everything seemed to work against them from the start. The umpiring and the eternal objections to everything preferred by Captain Stapleton was enough to rattle any nine, but the boys paid no attention and played steadily and surely to the end, winning as exciting and pretty a game as one could wish to see. Smith and Bailey will occupy the points for the Green Stocking to-day, and they will make Kalamazoo hustle to win.

Following is yesterday's score in full:

Crogan, lf 5 3 2 2 6 1 1
Dunn, p and rf 5 1 3 4 0 1 0
Westlake, 2b 5 1 1 1 7 1 0
Speidel, 1b 4 1 2 2 5 1 0
Moffet, 3b 4 1 0 0 2 1 1
Bailey, 2b 4 1 1 3 4 1 0
Smith, m 4 0 2 3 3 0 0
Steel, ss 4 0 0 0 0 1 0
Mallory, rf and p 4 1 2 2 0 4 1
Totals 39 9 13 17 27 11 3
Fuller, m 5 1 2 2 0 0 1
Otterson, ss 5 1 4 6 2 0 1
Vanzant, 3b 5 2 3 3 3 4 0
Stapleton, 1b 5 0 2 3 9 0 0
Buckenberger, 2b 5 0 2 2 2 2 1
Hungerford, lf 5 1 1 4 1 1 1
Watson, p 5 0 0 0 0 13 0
Allen, ft 5 1 3 3 0 0 0
Dillon, c 4 1 1 1 10 3 2
Totals 44 7 18 24 27 23 6
INNINGS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Wheeling 4 1 2 0 0 0 0 0 2 9
Kalamazoo 1 4 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 7

Earned runs, Wheeling 2; Kalamazoo, 3. Two-base hits, Dunn, Smith, Otterson 2, Stapleton. Three base hits, Bailey. Home run, Hungerford. Double plays, Crogan and Speidel. Bses on balls, by Dunn 2; by Mallory 1; by Watson 1. Passed balls, Westlake 1. Wild pitches, Watson 3, Dunn 1. Time of game, 2:20. Umpire, Tarkington.

[. . . ]


Mallory, here's to you.

Do it again to-day, boys.

Dunny got in his hits just in the right place.

Van Sant played a strong third for the visitors.

Watson is very cool in the box at critical moments.

Mr. Tarkington has evidently mistaken his profession.

The 'Ganders played good ball but they dropped a feather.

The Wheeling boys played against ten men yesterday and won at that.

The sliding skates owned by the Kalamazoo team are great Institutions.

When that last fly went out to Crogan everybody knew the game was won.

Bailey's clean hit for three bases was made just in the right time. Good boy, Bailey.

The Kalamazoo team are a gentlemanly set of men and play a fine game of ball. They have very neat uniform.

Westlake is the pluckiest man in the League. There are few catchers in the country who would play out a game after having their finger dislocated, he is game enough to play with a broken leg.

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