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Fire at 12th and Market, December 8, 1977

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▼ Fire at 12th and Market, December 8, 1977

 ▼ Newspaper Account   |  ▼ Photographs 

On December 8, 1977, a fire broke out in the basement of the Red Bull Lounge at the corner of SW corner 12th & Market. The fire destroyed the Red Bull Longe, and several surrounding buildings; the Joysweet Shop at 1171 Market St. (formerly Loft's); Your Fathers Mustache at 1167 Market St.; and Revco Optical at 1165 Market St. as well as causing damage to Ernie's Cork & Bottle on 12th St. The fire was estimated to have case over $1,000,000 in damage.

Newspaper Accounts

 ▶ "$1,000,000 Loss Claimed in Fire," Wheeling Daily Intelligencer, December 9, 1977, front page
 ▶ "5th Business Needs Some Repairs," Wheeling Daily Intelligencer, December 9, 1977, pg. 10 


December 8, 1977 Fire at Corner of 12th & Market, Downtown Wheeling

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