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Ohio (Tri-State) Baseball League schedule for 1888; Jesse Burkett joins Scranton

-From the Wheeling Daily Register, March 30, 1888, p. 4



Two Games Here With Zanesville July 4th, and Two at Zanesville, on Decoration Day – The Programme Satisfactory Here.

The schedule committee of the Ohio League met at Mansfield yesterday, as announced, and agreed upon a schedule which will be generally satisfactory to Wheeling. In fact, it is the programme made up by the Wheeling men, and without being unfair, it takes good case of our own. We have Zanesville here for the two games on the Fourth, and go out to the Muskingum village for the Decoration day games. The season opens on the home grounds Saturday, April 28th, with Canton, and closes October 1st, with Lima. Wheeling plays her first game abroad May 10th, with Canton, and finishes at Lima October 12th. There are sixty-two games in all on the home grounds. The following telegram will explain matters in detail: –

Special Telegram to the Register.

MANSFIELD, O., March 29. – Our schedule was adopted to-day without a kick or change. Everything was harmonious. The delegates were handsomely entertained by the officers of the Mansfield club. E. C. Taylor of Kalamazoo, could not attend on account of sickness. Byron Aldrich, Kalamazoo's pitcher, acted in his place. He did not arrive until afternoon on account of an accident, so the committee did not meet until 2 o'clock. Col. Elliott was the Columbus delegate.

Following are the games in which Wheeling takes part:


With Canton – April 28th and 30th; June 16th, 18th and 19th; August 15th and 16th.

With Mansfield – May 1st and 2d; June 20th, 21st, 22d; August 17th and 18th.

With Columbus – May3d and 4th; June 23d, 25th and 26th; August 27th and 28th.

With Zanesville – May 5th and 7th; July 3d and 4th, two games; August 29th and 30th.

With Toledo – May 18th and 19th; July 25th, 26th and 27th; September 22d and 24th.

With Jackson – May 21st and 22d; July 21st, 23d and 24th; September 27th and 28th.

With Kalamazoo – May 23d and 24th; July 28th, 30th and 31st, September 25th and 26th.

With Sandusky – May 25th and 26th; August 1st, 2d and 3d; September 20th and 21st.

With Lima – May 28th and 29th; August 4th, 6th and 7th; September 29th and October 1st.


At Canton – May 10 and 11; July 5, 7 and 9; August 13 and 14.

At Mansfield – May 12 and 14; July 10, 11 and 12; August 20 and 21.

At Columbus – May 15 and 16; July 13, 14 and 16; August 22 and 23.

At Zanesville – May 30, two games; July 17, 18 and 19; August 24 and 25.

At Sandusky – May 31 and June 1; September 1, 3 and 4; October 2 and 3.

At Toledo – June 2 and 4; September 5, 6 and 7; October 4 and 5.

At Jackson – June 5 and 6; September 8, 10 and 11; October 6 and 8.

At Kalamazoo – June 7 and 8; September 12, 13 and 14; October 9 and 10.

At Lima – June 9 and 11; September 15, 17 and 18; October 11 and 12.


Columbus players will report April 2.

Jackson is known as the "Central City."

Zanesville will sell season tickets for $12.50.

The Canton club has received its new uniforms.

The boys were all over on the fair grounds practicing yesterday.

Only one week more. How the days do drag their weary length along!

Zanesville will give "Mother" Watson a trial and pay his expenses while the trial is being made.

The base-ball editor of the Lima Times is a poet. – Clinton Democrat. Thought something was wrong.

Sandusky did not banquet the Tri State League delegates – not even on pig's hide and cabbage. – Times Star

A few more days like yesterday will put the base ball grounds in fine shape for the Pittsburg games next week.

Columbus, Toledo, Sandusky and Zanesville are the only club in the Tri-State League that favor Sunday playing.

Jackson will put on lots of style this season. They will have music at all games played in their city. –Canton Democrat. What; Chin music?

Columbus, Wheeling, Kalamazoo, Sandusky and Toledo will be the five leaders this season. The other half will enjoy a hot scramble for last place. – Toldeo Bee.

Frank Kerouss, Wheeling's left-handed pitcher, arrived in the city yesterday and is at the Howell House. Frank gives promise of being a puzzler with the pig skin.

Jesse Burkett leaves Saturday for Scranton, Pa., with which club he has signed as a pitcher for the season. Jess has several good curves, and is an all around good ball player. He will no doubt make a success on the diamond.

The Lima club is weakening and the papers are calling for help. –Times Star. If Lima could strike Wheeling about July fourth we'd give her a lift, not withstanding the fact that Lima seems mad and the Gazette says Wheeling will feel sick before the season closes.

Jackson makes no promises of what she will do for this season, but hopes, by ernest work and close attention to her own business, to get within sight of the distance flag at the season's close. A quiet tip for Wheeling, the windy city of the Tri-State League. –Jackson Citizen. Oh, Bugs!

Mansfield: Be sure and meet the Schedule Committee with a brass band and four-in-hand coach; make the meeting day a general holiday; close up the stores; entertain 'em, or the Wheeling REGISTER will howl, and, by the way, give "Buck" the bridal chamber at the St. James. – Sandusky Register. Right you are! That's the kind of company Wheeling keeps.

It is hoped by several cities in the Tri-State League that Wheeling will get downed at the coming schedule meeting. There is not much danger of this, however, as President Seeley and Manager Buckenberger understand base ball too well to allow any discrimination against the Nail City. The other members of the committee will have to keep a sharp lookout or "Buck" will get everything he wants. – Columbus Dispatch. Go up head, Mr. Dispatch.

The following bulletin of Tri-State League contracts has been issued by Presdient McDermith: Contracts – With Toledo, E. J. Allen, Marshall B. Brown, William Botlemus, Christ. Hutt, William Lund, J. E. Reeder, Albert F. Steuve, John A. Walsh, Edward Sales, B. F. Drischell, William G. Davis, Albert W. Barney; with Lima, Dave Sawders, F. W. Gillivan; with Jackson, Christie Reynolds, Larry D. Welch, C. B. Bartlett, Newton H. Sears, Ed. Phalen, George B. Burbridge.

Kansas City, of the Association, is making a big effort to secure Sam Barkley, and the wires were burthened with telegrams regarding the affair. Barkley has been signed with Pittsburg, but it is understood that that club is anxious to release him. All the clubs in the League will have to consent to his release before he can go to the fair Western town, and the probabilities are that he will remain within League control.

As has been before stated the Wheeling Club will open the season with uniforms the same as it ended last season, and in the meantime a new uniform will be thought of. It strikes us that a very attractive uniform would be red and white striped goods, the stripe to be about an inch wide, with caps, stockings and belts of solid blue and the name of the club worked across the breast in the same color. The would certainly make a striking and attractive uniform.

If you bear a grudge against a fellow being and haven't the nerve to kill him with some deadly weapon, get him on a base ball schedule committee and be assured your revenge will be complete. Men who have mastered the game of chess with ease and exploded the Chinese puzzle have become raving maniacs in a single sitting over a base ball schedule. An eight-club schedule is not really bad – all you have to do in scheduling eight clubs is to let every club open and close the season at home, and let each play on the home grounds on the Fourth of July, and have each club travel a few hundred miles less than the other clubs during the season. – Sporting South.

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