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Wheeling Reads: Where I'm From Poem

This form will help guide you through the process of creating a "Where I'm From" poem based on the structure of George Ella Lyon’s original. Fill in the text boxes with the prompts, then click the "Create Poem" button. Upon clicking the button, your "Where I'm From" poem will be generated at the bottom of this page. 

Where I'm From, by (enter your full name):
I am from (a specific item from your childhood home):
from (two products or objects from your past):
I am from (a phrase describing your childhood home):
and (more description of your childhood home):
I am from (a plant, tree, or natural object from your past):
whose (personify that natural object):
I am from (two objects from your past):
from (two family names or ancestors):
and from (two family traits or tendencies):
from (another family trait, habit, or tendency):
I am from (a religious memory or family tradition):
from (two foods from your family history):
from (a specific event in the life of an ancestor):
and from (another detail from the life of an ancestor):
(a memory or object you had as a child):
I am from the moments…
(continue this thought or repeat a line or idea from earlier in the poem)

Your poem will generate below when you click the "Create Poem" button - to save or continue working on and finessing your "Where I'm From" poem, copy your text below and paste it into a text editor like MS Word or notepad. Send your completed poems to [email protected]:

Generated poem:

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