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Summer Reading 2021: Reading Colors Your World

Summer Reading 2021: Reading Colors Your WorldOCPL's 2021 Summer Reading Program for children and adults, "Reading Colors Your World," will begin Monday, June 7. Participants of any age level may stop by the Library at any time starting June 7 to fill out a paper registration form or may register online at Readers may log their minutes read any time between June 7 and July 17 for a chance to win prizes.

Where the Red Fern Grows, Island of the Blue Dolphins, Anne of Green Gables, The Color Purple, Half of a Yellow Sun, A Clockwork Orange... it's not just book titles that color our world (or book covers... c'mon, we know there's more than one of you out there who's said "I can't remember the title, but the cover was [insert color]." Psst. Don't worry, we're guilty of it too! Even librarians forget book titles from time to time). More so than even titles and bookjackets, it's the words on the page that color our world. Reading enriches our lives and provides a context for exploring the world around us, making everyday life much more colorful.

Summer Reading for Kids

Starting June 7th, parents may register children in the Library at the Circulation Desk. Three levels are available:  Pre-K (birth to K); Elementary (1st-3rd grades); and Upper Elementary (4th-6th grades). Each registered child will receive a Summer Reading bag with a packet of information and a reading log where kids can keep track of every 15 minutes of reading.

Watch the video below for more information about kid's registration and Summer Reading bags.

Juvenile participants are also encouraged to register on the Library's READsquared page or phone app, starting June 7. In addition to logging minutes read for badges and the chance to win prizes, READsquared will also give young readers access to video performances by Page Turner Adventures. These entertaining and educational videos feature everything from an exciting pirate adventure show to DIY cooking classes to create yummy treats in the kitchen. Kids can actively participate in all the fun from the comfort of home. And it's all available for free when you log in to your Summer Reading account on READsquared.  

Children's activities will include virtual programming with a Monday Toddler Time at 10:30 a.m., a Tuesday Story Time at 10 a.m., and a Story and Activity on Wednesday at noon, as well as an in-person outdoor program on Thursdays from 10 am to 2 pm. Videos will be posted on the OCPL Kids YouTube Channel, OCPL Kids Facebook page, and the Story Online page on the OCPL website.

Thursday Fun Day programs for kids will be held in the Library's side parking lot at the corner of 16th and Eoff Streets (across from Wheeling Clinic). Families may stop in and participate in the weekly program while social distancing and wearing masks. Parking will only be available in the main parking lot or on the street. View the video below for more information about Thursday Fun Day programs. 

Outdoor in-person Story Times will also be held each Friday at the Stifel playground at Wheeling Park between June 11 and July 16, weather permitting. Story Times in the Park will start a 2 pm and will include songs and a story with puppets. For more details about the 2021 Summer Reading Program and summer library programming, visit the Library's online calendar of events or stop by the Library to pick up brochures.

➤ Visit our calendar of events for a full schedule of Summer Reading activities.

Summer Reading is for adults too!

Summer Reading is for Adults too!Reading colors everyone's world! Starting Monday, June 7th, teens and adults can register for our Summer Reading program for adults, either in person or online at

Log your minutes read and get entered into weekly prize drawings.

We know adults are busy, but logging your minutes is easy. Listen to audiobooks in the car? That counts. Reading a work report late at night? Log those minutes! Have trouble falling asleep? Research shows that reading aids in sleep readiness. Read at night and report your minutes read in the morning. And of course, don't forget to log that quintessential summer vacation beach read.

If you plan on registering in person, registration forms can be filled out at the Circulation Desk and you can pick up your reading logs at that time. Turn in your completed reading logs to be entered to win prizes.

If you register on, log your minutes there and you will be automatically entered in prize drawings.

Continue to log your reading minutes until the conclusion of the program on July 17th.

Happy Summer Reading!

READSquared: SUMMER READING 2021: Reading Colors Your World!


This is the second year the Library will be using the READSquared software to track our Summer Reading participation for all ages. Starting June 7, 2021 sign up online at or download the READsquared app at the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to start logging your minutes read.

How does READSquared work?

Logging minutes in ReadSquaredThrough READSquared, this year we have reading challenges for Pre-K, kids age 5 to 12, teens, and adults. READSquared keeps track of all the points a reader earns and notifies you when prizes are won for reading achievement.

Collect points for every minute you read between June 7th and July 17th reading and completing activities within the READSquared portal. Log points to earn badges and prizes along the way!

To enter the minutes that you’ve read, click “Log Activity” from your Dashboard, then enter your minutes read, book title, author, and date read. You may also include a book review if you wish, but it is not necessary to do so. You can also play games or complete missions along the way.

Once you've earned enough points you'll receive a completion certificate you can print and share. It’s that easy!

ReadSqaured Phone App

You can register and log reading on a computer, smartphone, or tablet and keep track of your summer reading progress at or by downloading the free ReadSquared Google Play App or the Apple Store App. Participants will be asked if they want to register one of three ways: "Myself Only," "Myself and Other Readers," or "A Group or Class."

Register as Myself Only:
Select an age from the dropdown menu and click CONTINUE. The site will automatically select the correct reading program UNLESS the participant selects 18. If they are 18, it will ask which program they want to register under (Teen or Adult). Once they select the program, they will click CONTINUE. Fill in the registration information and create a user name and password. Participants will use this user name and password to access their account to log reading and do other activities on the READsquared site. Once they
have filled in all the areas with a * they will click CONTINUE at the bottom of the screen. They will receive a message on the screen stating that they are registered and have received their first virtual badge.

Register as Myself and Other Readers:
Participants will be asked to fill in the Primary Account Information. This does not need to be an adult's information, but it will be the name the other accounts will be listed under. After clicking CONTINUE, they can register additional readers. Some information will be auto-filled since they are registering multiple readers.

Register as Group or Class:
Participants will first be asked if they want to log the information ALL AT ONE TIME or INDIVIDUALLY. ALL AT ONE TIME means they will log the same reading and activities for the group all at once and the entire group will earn badges and other incentives at the same time. This could be a daycare class where the teacher is logging the time they read to the entire class each day. If they select INDIVIDUALLY, they will need to enter each participant's reading time. This could be a class where each child logs their reading time at home so each child would have a different amount of time read. After selecting how they will log information, they will be asked how old the readers are, how many readers they are registering, and will give the group a name. They will now fill in the registration information. They do not need to list the name of each participant, because they will be logging the same information for everyone. If they registered as INDIVIDUALLY they will register the same as if they had registered ALL AT ONE TIME EXCEPT when they get to the main screen they will see in the column on the left a listing for READER ACCOUNTS. Here they can access each reader to log their individual times. 

If you prefer paper over digital technology, stop by the Library any time between June 7 and July 17 to register in person and pick up a paper reading log.

Benefits of Summer Reading:

DID YOU KNOW: Summer Reading is critical for students to retain knowledge and skills learned in the previous school year. Students who don't read are at risk of falling behind their classmates. Summer reading not only helps a child's ability to retain information learned the previous year, but also increases growth in knowledge and critical thinking skills for the coming year.

But Summer Reading isn't just for kids. Reading is a habit for life. Children cannot be convinced that reading is truly valuable if the adults they look up to will not read themselves. Seeing adults with books in their hands sends the message that reading is something that can be done for pleasure and entertainment, not just something that is done to complete a homework assignment. And did you know that reading helps improve cognition? Research shows that regular reading improves brain connectivity,  increases adult vocabulary & comprehension,  and prevents cognitive decline as you age. Not only that, it's good for your health! Research shows reading also helps reduce stress and lower blood pressure. 

Register this summer and let reading Color Your World!

OCPL Summer Reading Program 2021: Reading Colors Your World

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