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Reading Takes You Places: Week 5 - Nigeria and other African Countries

Where do you want to go this summer? This week we're heading to Nigeria! Kedu! Nnabata to week 5. On July 9, Father Alfred Obiudu will lead his People's University class 3,000 miles southwest (and a century back in time) to the African nation of Nigeria through the works of Chinua ...more

Reading Takes You Places: Week 4 - Serbia & other Balkan Countries

Where do you want to go this summer? This week we're heading to Serbia! Zdravo! Dobrodosli to week 3. On July 2, Dr. John Cox, former history professor at Wheeling Jesuit and current Professor of East European History, North Dakota State University, will shepherd students 5,700 miles back west (and 330 ...more

Reading Takes You Places: Week 3 - Japan (and beyond)

Where do you want to go this summer? This week we're heading to Japan! Kon'nichiwa! Yokoso to week 3. On June 25, retired Wheeling Jesuit University history professor Dr. Joe Laker will lead his class 4,600 miles east (and 270 years back in time to 1639) across the massive Eurasian Steppe ...more

Reading Takes You Places: Week 2 - Russia

Where do you want to go this summer? This week we're heading to Russia! Dobro pozhalovat' to week 2! For class two, students will depart Sweden to fly 1,000 miles southeast and a century back in time on June 18, exploring Russia through the novellas of Leo Tolstoy. Led by Dr. Ian ...more

Reading Takes You Places: Week 1 - Scandinavia

The Ohio County Public Library's 2020 summer reading theme is "Reading Takes You Places." We're going to dive into some great world literature and along the way learn some useful words and phrases from the regions these stories take place. We'll be heading to places like Japan, Russia, Nigeria, Italy, Scandinavia, ...more

Documenting the Impact of COVID-19 on Businesses in Wheeling

The Ohio County Public Library Archives is collecting signs, posters, and other material from local businesses. We know these times have been business as "unusual," and we would like to document how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected you and your customers.  You may be eager to move on as our state and country ...more

Princesses who Rock and Classroom High Jinks: Book Recommendations for Elementary Age Kids

Laura Carroll is the Archivist at the OCPL, but she also has an 8-year-old who loves to read. She’s teamed up with Lee Ann, the OPCL Children’s Specialist, to recommend some titles for elementary-age kids to enjoy at home. Kid: “I’m bored!!”Parent / Guardian (patience slowly trickling down to a dangerous ...more

Records of the C.C. Smith's Sons Engineering Company Now Open for Research

C.C. Smith's Sons Engineering Company operated in the Ohio Valley for over one hundred years, surveying a wide variety of properties and landmarks.  This fascinating collection includes plat drawings, surveys, correspondence, land deeds, and other types of material.  Filling up 6 file cabinets and 10 additional boxes, the collection is ...more

New Website, New Blog

You may have noticed the Ohio County Public Library online has a new look. We are happy to unveil our new look and launch our new blog feature. In the future, look for posts on our latest archival collection acquisitions, upcoming events, and special happenings in and around the Library.  In ...more

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