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1913 Flood Index

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The Ohio River Flood of 1913 in Wheeling

 Date: March 28, 1913  High water mark: 51.1 ft     (15.1 ft over flood stage)

The 1913 Ohio River flood crested at 51.1 feet in Wheeling, making it the fourth highest flood stage level in Wheeling on record.


1913 Flood

Newspaper Articles

 ▶ "River Will Not Reach Stage of 52 Feet," Wheeling Intelligencer, Friday, March 28, 1913
 ▶ "Flood Notes," Wheeling Register, Friday, March 28, 1913
 ▶ "Boating on Market St.," Wheeling Intelligencer, Friday, March 28, 1913 

Additional Resources

▶ Binder: Wheeling Floods, Wheeling Room, non-circulating, ask for access at the reference desk.
▶ Archival Collection: Flood Photographs [1884-1936], OCPL Archives, non-circulating, appointment must be made to view collection.

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1913 FLOOD


"River Will Not Reach Stage of 52 Feet" from Intelligencer
"Flood Notes" from Register
"Boating on Market St." from Intelligencer


Most of the pictures below are by C. C. Kline: a few are larger format prints; several are postcards; most are from a collection of postcard-sized gravure prints on paper "Flood Views of Wheeling" that he may have published.

Business District

River front
Water St. and Pennsylvania R. R. station
Wharf area, looking toward RR station
Twelfth St.12th and Main
At water's edge: Market St. above 12th
Market St. above 12th
Lyceum Theatre (1327 Market St.)
Postcard showing Lyceum
The Hub (14th & Market Street)
Market St. looking south through 14th
1420 Market Street
14th and Market St.
16th and Main
Market Street looking north
Market St. looking north
B. & O. Station
Market St. from 18th (Centre Wheeling)
Unidentified house
Unidentified building

Wheeling Island

Bridgeport and the Island from Schmulbach building
Scene on the Island
Detail from the above (people on a porch roof)
Family on a porch roof and a detail
Island end of Steel Bridge
Intersection of Virginia and Front St.
S. York St.
Wheeling Island (N. Front St.?)

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