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State Archives Return to Wheeling, 1875

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▼ State Archives Return to Wheeling, 1875: Newspaper Articles

-From The Wheeling Daily Register, Monday Morning, September 27, 1875.


The Iron Valley with the State archives arrived from Charleston Saturday afternoon [Sept. 25, 1875].


-From the Wheeling Daily Intelligencer, Monday Morning, September 27, 1875.

The Iron Valley left Charleston at 2:30 P. M. Wednesday, 22nd inst. Capt. Tom Prince was in command, with a Mr. Wise at the wheel and Jos. Irwin, of this city, in the office. About two miles below Charleston the steamer encountered a very swift current and her two barges were forced some distance on the bank. The syphon was immediately put to work, and the barges were soon floating free. The damage to the barges was very slight--$100 will probably cover it. Two or three boxes containing valuable papers were wet a little, but no damage whatever was done to the contents. They were detained fully twenty-nine hours by the fog; the First night they laid over at Winfield, Putnam county, and were delayed some hours about fifteen miles this side of Marietta. Near Buffington they came very near having another accident on the strong current, but escaped with a detention of about half an hour.

All the property belonging to the State of any value, and considerable of no account whatever, was brought up on the barges. Two wagon loads of desks, which had been moved from this city at the time Charleston was made the Capital, were thought not worth taking away, and were left on the Charleston wharf.

A complete inventory of the cargoes of the two barges would fill several columns in this paper. Among the most items were: State Library, and new set of walnut and ash furniture for same, books, records and furniture for each of the departments of the Capitol; Auditor's safe, Treasurer's safe; books, papers and official documents boxed up; miscellaneous articles of furniture for the House of Delegates and Senate chamber; household goods and personal property of four or five families of officers and clerks; and two cows belonging to Messrs. George Bennett and E. L. Bill, of the Auditor's department. Besides the officers and crew of the steamer there were on board Major Boling, Third Governor Daly, and the family of School Superintendent Byrne.


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