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Wheeling Spoken History Project

In April, 1994, Carrie and Michael Nobel Kline were awarded a contract to conduct Wheeling's Ethnographic Survey. Over the course of the next year and a half, the Klines conducted more than 150 interviews, launching "The Wheeling Spoken History Project." 
Read more about the origins of the Wheeling Spoken History Project

Wheeling Spoken History Project Online Through Berea College

Berea College Special Collection and Archives logoIn 2019-2020, Berea College Special Collections and Archives conducted a Recordings at Risk digitization project to preserve and provide online access to more than 700 audio and video recordings created by folklorists Michael and Carrie Nobel Kline. Series 21 of this collection includes the Wheeling, West Virginia Spoken History Project Audio Recordings. Audio recordings,  transcripts, video recordings, and radio programs are available on the Berea College Special Collections and Archives website. 

➤ View the Berea Collection by series folder
View the finding aid for Series 21: Wheeling, West Virginia National Heritage Area Spoken History Project Audio Recordings
View information about the entire digitization project at Berea for the Michael and Carrie Nobel Kline Collection

 ➤ View a list of the Wheeling Spoken History Project cassette tapes held in the OCPL Archives

Two reports on the Wheeling Spoken History Project was prepared for the Wheeling National Heritage Area Corporation, the National Park Service, and the people of Wheeling by Michael & Carrie Nobel Kline. It is available to view in the Library's Wheeling Room (non-circulating material). To view the reports, ask for access to the Wheeling Room at the Reference Desk. 
As They Say in Wheeling, West Virginia: a conversational trip into the city's cultural, industrial and underworld past. Call #: Wheeling 975.415 As1 1994Wheeling 975.415 W57 1994
Wheeling's spoken history: an interim report on the Wheeling cultural heritage survey prepared for the Wheeling National Heritage Area Corporation and the National Park Service  Call #: Wheeling 975.415 W57 1994

➤ Learn more about Michael and Carrie Kline on their website: 

▼ Spoken Histories Transcripts Available On Our Website

(The following are 22 of over 150 interviews conducted by Dr. Michael and Carrie Kline - the interviews were transcribed in the late 1990s by volunteers and may contain spelling errors on last names.) 

Interviewee Title
 94-001  06/07/94  Chip West   An Early Love of History
 96-002  06/01/94  Ann Norton  Wheeling in the 1920’s - 30’s
 94-003  11/17/94  Bonnie Ellis  West Virginia Northern Community College
 96-004  06/23/95  Elvira Corvino  Italian Family Life in Benwood, WV
 96-005  06/03/94  Frances Cerrone  Growing up Italian in Fulton
 96-006  06/23/94  John "Jack" Fahey  40 years on the B&O
 96-007  07/05/94  Bill Hogan  Wheeling's Wide-Open Days
 96-008  10/11/94  John B. Hunter II  Marine Memories
 96-009  06/19/95  Michael Sinicropi  Executive Speaks on Italian Immigrant History
 96-010  05/05/95  Allen "Butch" Walker  Job Retraining, and the Clean Air Act
 96-011  07/31/95  A.E. "Doc" Hennen  The Boys of Biak
 96-012  06/27/94  David Javersak  An Historical Perspective
 96-013  05/30/95  Robert Victor Marchlenski  Job Retraining Through The Clean Air Act
 96-014  07/05/94  Mary Lou Henderson  Germans in Center Wheeling
 96-015  06/21/94  Michael A Nau  The Price of Progress
 96-016  07/15/95  Alphonse Ruggieri  Italian Culture and the "Neapolitan Serenade"
 96-017  05/16/94  Darlene Stradwick  13 Kids: Entrenched Values
 96-018  06/28/94  George H. Thomas  From 21st and Main on South
 96-019  05/05/95  Mark Uraco  Interview With Mark Uraco
 96-021  10/31/94  Various Local Voices   Pierogi Making at St. Lad's
 96-022  09/27/94  Rosalind "Buddy" Rybeck  Rosalind "Buddy" Rybeck

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