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Historic Churches of the Wheeling Area


Agape Baptist Church

Agape Baptist Church (formerly First Church of Christ Scientist)

Aldersgate (Chapline St.) Methodist Church

Brief history of Chapline St. Methodist Church (now called Aldersgate)
Aldersgate Methodist Church, 2003

Blessed Trinity Catholic Church

Picture from 1999 (Parish 1931-present, current building built in 1960)

Christ United Methodist Church

Interior of Christ United Methodist, 1960s
Church website

Church of Christ (1310 National Rd.)

Church home page

Corpus Christi Church

1966 History of Corpus Christi Parish

Edgwood Lutheran Church

Edgwood Lutheran Church, 1999
Church web site

Elm Grove United Methodist Church

1996 History of the church

Eoff Street Temple

Jewish Synagogue, 1889
Eoff Street Temple, 1904
Building the Synagogue, 1892 newspaper article
Dedication of Eoff St. Temple, 1892
1935 Newspaper history of Jewish community
Web site devoted to Abba Hillel Silver, who began his career as rabbi in Wheeling in 1915.
Newspaper coverage of Silver's tenure in Wheeling, 1915-1917

First Baptist Church

Postcard of the old First Baptist Church, originally St. Matthew's Episcopal
First Baptist Church, 2002
First Baptist Church Website

First Christian Church

First Christian Church (1875-1912)
Old First Christian (1913-1973)
Old First Christian (1913-1973)
Old First Christian (1913-1973)
Old First Christian (1913-1973)
Old First Christian (1913-1973)
First Christian Church, 1973-
First Christian Church, 1973-
History of the church on the church's web site
Church web site

First English Lutheran Church

History (1860-1960)
ca. 1905
Picture around 1906
Picture from ca. 1914
The church in 1999
Church interior, 2004
Martin Luther Window, 2004
St. Luke Window, 2004
Church web site

First Presbyterian Church

Picture from 1880s
First Presbyterian Church
Report on 1886 renovation of the interior
First Presbyterian Church, 1904
ca. 1905
First Presbyterian in 1959
Pictured, 2002
Church interior, 2004
Church interior, 2004
Window, 2004
First Presbyterian Church listing in Historic American Building Survey collection: 13 pictures, 9 pages of information

Fourth Street Methodist Church

History of Fourth Street Methodist Church (1960)
Dedication of the church, 1870
Interior of the Church
Second Fourth Street Church
Postcard of the church, 1900s
Postcard, 1910s
Fourth Street United Methodist Church, 1999
Fourth Street United Methodist Church, 2002
Interior of the Church, 2004
Interior of the Church, 2004

Immaculate Conception Church

Church burns, 1875
Picture, 2002
Picture, 2002

Laughlin Memorial Chapel (18th St. Chapel)

Picture, 2001

Macedonia Baptist Church

Picture in 2002

Our Lady of Lebanon Church

History of the parish
Our Lady of Lebanon Church, 2002
Our Lady of Lebanon Church, 2002

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Ukrainian Catholic Church

Postcard, ca. 1917
History of the parish
Picture 1 - 2002
Picture 2 - 2002
Picture 3 - 2002
Picture 4 - 2002
Mosaic on the exterior of the church

Our Lady of Seven Dolors

Our Lady of Seven Dolors (Triadelphia) Home Page: includes a detailed cemetery listing

Sacred Heart

History of Sacred Heart Church, 1904-1954

St. Alphonsus Church

St. Alphonsus Church, ca. 1905
St. Alphonsus School and Cloister, ca. 1905
Postcard, 1910s
Interior of St. Alphonsus, 1900's
Altar Boys
Monastic community
Fr. Peter Kreusch celebrates 25th anniversary of his pastorate, 1883
Rev. Hermann Josef Peters, O.M. Cap., pastor since 1903.
Rev. Joseph Anton Ziegelmayer, O.M. Cap. Pastor, 1900-1903
Rev. Wilhelm J. Grill, Assistant, 1870-1875
Rev. Peter Kreusch, pastor, 1859-1884
Rev. Didakus Rottlander, O.M. Cap., Assistant, 1886-1895.
Rev. Petrus Kemper, O.M. Cap., Assistant, 1903-1906.
Rev. Mauritius Greck, O.M. Cap., Pastor, 1890-1897
Rev. Hyazinth Epp, O.M. Cap. Pastor of St. Alphonsus, 1886-1890 and 1897-1900.
Rev. Felix Maria Ler, O.M. Cap.Rev. Antonius Maria Schurmann, O.M. Cap., Pastor, 1885-1886
Intelligencer story on the laying of the cornerstone, 1886
Laying the cornerstone, 1886 (picture) -- And a detail
Silver jubilee of Fr. Mauritus, 1896
St. Alphonsus Church, 1950s
Recent picture
Picture, 2003
Recent picture
Recent picture
Snapshot of the interior, 2009
St. Alphonsus Home Page

St. Andrew's Episcopal Church

Former St. Andrew's Episcopal (ca. 1907-1930)
Former St. Andrew's, 2010
Former St. Andrew's, 2010
Former St. Andrew's, 2010
Dedication of St. Andrew's, 1907

St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church

Recent picture of St. James Church
St. James, 2002
Church interior, 2004
Church interior, 2004

St. John the Divine Greek Orthodox Church

Parish history
Picture, 2003
Detail -- Main door
Window detail
Interior of the church

St. John's Church (German Reformed)

A brief history (1931)
150th Anniversary history, 1986
The first church, 1836-1872
The second church, 1872-1906
The 1872-1906 building
ca. 1905
St. John's Lutheran Church
Interior of St. John's Church
The church, 2002
The church, 2002
The church, 2002
Church interior, 2004
Windows between narthex and nave, 2004
Stained glass, 2004
Stained glass, 2004

St. John's Episcopal Church (1850-1875)

Bishop Meade's discussion of the church, 1857
Letter from John R. Eoff about St. John's, ca. 1900
More from John R. Eoff about the founding of the church (1906)
Information about St. John's from Peterkin's History
Picture of St. John's Church (later First Christian Church)

St. John's Episcopal Church, 1912-

St. John's, 2002
St. John's, 2002
Interior, 2005

St. Joseph Cathedral

Picture from 1880s
"Old" Cathedral: photograph from 1890s-1900s
"Old" Cathedral: another from the same era
St. Joseph Cathedral
Interior of old cathedral
Interior of the Cathedral, 1889
Postcard of Cathedral, Residence and School, 1911
St. Joseph's Cathedral, 1998
Cathedral, 2002
St. Joseph Cathedral Home Page, including history and pictures

St. Ladislaus Church

Picture of the church, ca. 1977
Mass at St. Ladislaus, 1970s
Grotto at St. Ladislaus
The three pastors that served St. Ladislaus from 1901 until the 1970s
A wedding party in front of the church early in its history
Short history of St. Ladislaus Church
Longer history of the church

St. Luke's Episcopal Church (St. Luke's on the Island)

Dedication of the church, 1883
The church around 1900
Interior of the church around 1900
The church in 1999
Recognition of Jacob Brittingham, rector of St. Luke's, 1922

St. Mark Lutheran Church

Picture of the Church
Church web site

St. Matthew's Episcopal Church

St. Matthew's, 1837-1866 (First Baptist) -- Postcard
St. Matthew's 1837-1866 in 2002
St. Matthew's 1837-1866 in 2002
Picture, ca. 1900
Postcard, 1900s-1910s
ca. 1905
Postcard, 1907
St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, 1904
St. Matthew's, 2002
Interior, ca. 1900
Interior of St. Matthew's Church, 1904
Interior, 2001
Interior, 2001
St. Matthew's Church home web site

St. Michael Catholic Church

St. Michael Church, 1999
Inside St. Michael Church, 1990s?

St. Paul's Episcopal Church

St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 2002
St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 1892-1960
St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 1892-1960
Dedication of St. Paul's, 1893.

St. Paul's Evangelical Church

History of St. Paul's, 1967
Program of Confirmation Celebration, Palm Sunday and Easter, 1899
Picture of the church, 2002
Church website

St. Stephen's United Church of Christ (German Reformed Church)

Picture, 1970s
A picture from 2002
A picture from 2002
Centennial History, 1875-1975
Brief history from 1991

St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church

St. Vincent Church, 2002
St. Vincent, 2002
Interior of the Church
Tympanum over north door
St. Vincent de Paul Parish home page

Second Presbyterian Church

Photograph, 1910s

Simpson United Methodist Church

Picture from 2002

Stone Presbyterian Church

Stone Church, 1889
Postcards of Old Stone Church
Stone Presbyterian Church (1914-1970)
Stone Presbyterian Church (1914-1970)
Old Stone Churchca. 1905
Stone United Presbyterian Church (built around 1968)
Short history 1787-1907
Second history from 1907

Third Presbyterian Church

Picture of the church, 2002
Reporting on the 70th anniversary, 1919
History of the church, 1974

Thomson United Methodist Church

Thomson Methodist Church 1870s-1913
The 1870s church in 1998
Drawing, 1913
Postcard, 1910s
Description and history of the church from 1984
Photograph from 1980s
Photo from 1998

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church

The church in 2002
The church in 2002

Vance Memorial Church

Vance Memorial Church in 1904
Vance Memorial Chapel, ca. 1900
ca. 1905

Warwood Presbyterian Church

Warwood Presbyterian Church pictorial directory (with history), 1970

Way Memorial Temple (Spiritualist Church)

The church in 1999

Wayman AME Church

A "Mikado Tea" and concert benefit, 1886
The Church in 2002

Wesley Methodist Church

History of Wesley Methodist Church

Zion Lutheran Church

Zion Lutheran Church, Centre Wheeling, 1900
Interior of the Church, 1895
Parsonage, ca. 1900
'Old' Zion Church, (Now Towngate Theatre) 2002
Zion Lutheran Church, Bethlehem, 2000

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