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Wheeling Wharf

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Wheeling Wharf

-from "History of the Pan-handle: Being Historical Collections of the Counties of Ohio, Brooke, Marshall and Hancock, West Virginia," compiled and written by J. H. Newton, 1879.

THE FIRST SUBSTANTIAL WHARF LANDING was made at the upper end of the present grade, from the beach, opposite the "Pewky" depot, running probably one hundred to one hundred fifty yards, on an ascent, in a northernly direction, and leading out upon Main street, near Market alley. The grade was solidified with huge logs. But subsequently slides in the bank gradually brought the improvement to a total wreck, and something still more substantial had to be resorted to. (pg. 250)

The approach to the river from about the foot of Eleventh street, almost to the freight department of the Pittsburgh, Wheeling and Kentucky railroad, is now substantially paved and in excellent order, the fine buildings lining Water street above and over-looking the river, presenting quite a commercial importance, while across the stream, on the Ohio side, the banks are conspicuous for fine suburban residences that go to complete the happiest contrast between active business and retirement. . . 

. . . A small dry dock, owned by Dressel & Bro., worked by pumps, is located at the west end of the suspension bridge, which appears to be freely patronized, while all through the summer the banks of the river present a scene of special activity in the line of boat building. At favorable stages of water it is now a common custom to witness from fifty to seventy steamers leaving and passing this wharf, the business at which — railroad facilities notwithstanding— forms a leading feature in Wheeling’s present prosperity. (p. 200)

-from The WPA Guide, "WEST VIRGINIA: A Guide to the Mountian State," 1941, pg. 288

WHEELING WHARF, foot of 12 St., for a century and a half has been a public landing. Cobblestones, laid early in the nineteenth century, later supplemented by bricks, extend from the river's edge to Water Street. Although the wharf is not the center of activity that it once was, it is still used by occasional excursion steamers and small craft. It was here on May 24, 1825, that the steamboat Herald docked, and Lafayette, his son, George Washington Lafayette, and a party of statesmen were received by Wheeling citizens.

In 1958, the Wheeling Wharf Parking Garage was built on the site of the former wharf. The Wharf Parking Garage was removed in 1998 to make way for Wheeling Heritage Port Park.

A short description of Wharf activities in 1908


 ▶ Water Street between 11th and 14th Street (now Wheeling Heritage Port)


Wheeling Wharf

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