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OCPL Outreach Services Online Application Form

  • Outreach Services Specialist: Julia Bachmann

  • The Ohio County Public Library Outreach Program exists to provide delivery of library materials to patrons throughout Ohio County who are either temporarily or permanently unable to access the library due to illness, disability or other limitation.

    Please note: Library materials borrowed through Outreach Services are lent for a 30 day period and no fines are assessed for late returns. Unless a particular item is reserved by another patron, it can be renewed for another 30 day period. Outreach patrons will be responsible for any lost or damaged items.

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  • The maximum number of items permitted to be delivered at a time is 25. Home Delivery Patrons can request up to 25 books. Maximum number of magazines, CDs, or DVDs at a time is limited to 10.

  • How many items would you like delivered each visit?: *

  • Please Check All Topics Of Interest:

  • Include as much information as you can about your preferences. The more information you provide, the better we can serve you with materials you will enjoy!

  • Fiction:

  • Please list specific FICTION authors, time periods, subjects, or setting you enjoy from the genres you checked above:

  • Non-Fiction:

  • Please list specific NONFICTION authors, time periods, subjects, geographic areas, hobbies, historical figures, political, social, economic, or cultural issues you enjoy from the genres you checked above. Remember, be specific, especially if you enjoy reading about politics. We don’t want to offend you when we pull books for you!:

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