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Wheeling Memory Project: Goosetown Memories

Growing up in Goosetown

On August 1, 2023, Lunch With Books at the Ohio County Public Library hosted a program in its Neighborhood Nostalgia Series called, Goosetown Memories. The videos and transcriptions that follow were derived from that program, and are now part of the Wheeling Memory Project.


PART ONE: The Goosetown Anthem

What can one say? Let's start with a song.


PART TWO: 98 Year old Paul Jochum talks about the Duqesne Club and how many people lived in his house.

"That's the only times I ever saw my grandfather laugh, is when they left the Duquesne Club..."


PART THREE: A Cousin Reunion: Mary Ann (West) Abraham is surprised to see her cousin Karen Bruechle.

"I never lived in Goosetown, but a lot of my family did..."


PART 4: Blind Butch and Machine-Gun Butch Knabe

"My Great-Uncle Frank had a store..."


PART FIVE: A Moe King Story

Dave Barnett shares a story about the legendary Moe King of Goosetown.


PART SIX: John Reger's Ashes

John Reger's sister, Susie Reger Downing, explains what happened with her brother's ashes after his 2013 death. John was a great pro football linebacker for the Steelers and other teams.


PART SEVEN: Named After John Reger

Jay Duffy talks about how his sister, who was allowed to name her youngest brother, named him after Steelers football great, John Reger.


PART EIGHT: All Roads Lead to Goosetown
  Talk of why Goosetown was so wonderful, including The Spot and The Steps (101 of them, to be exact).

PART NINE: Goosetown Nicknames

"I had a lot of friends. I didn't learn their names until I was twenty-one years old. You know why? Blubber, Goat, Smiley..." -Jerry Corkle. "Dee-do."


PART TEN: The Snake Pit

"Everything [in Goosetown| was our playground..." -Susie Reger Downing



PART ELEVEN: The Incinerator, Part 1

The incinerator, the Jacovettys, and Ace Garage.


PART TWELVE: The Incinerator, Part 2

"It looked like a black snow." -Ralph Craig



Jay Duffy recalls an incident involving stolen cash from The Spot. "A whole pile of money!"


PART FOURTEEN: The Christmas Tree Bonfire

"We would go around collecting all the Chistmas Trees..." -Tom Duffy, "Goosetown Heights"



Jay Duffy remembers the Gardens and the Stockyard.

More videos are coming soon in this series. Check back regularly for updates.
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