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Wheeling Memory Project: Mikaya Green

LGBTQ+ visibility and communities in Wheeling, West Virginia

Interviewer: Emma Wiley - Context NotesMikaya Green

This is an oral history of Mikaya Green that focuses on LGBTQ+ visibility and communities in Wheeling, West Virginia. The oral history covers some of Green’s childhood, growing up in Bridgeport, Ohio, her family and how she grew up not knowing many LGBTQ+ people. Green discusses moving to Brooklyn in New York City for college and how she discovered her queer identity, before returning back to the Ohio Valley after graduating. Green spends most of the interview talking about LGBTQ+ communities and activities in the Wheeling area, particularly the formation of The Friendlier City Project, a local non-profit. She describes the formation of the group, some of their activities like their sticker campaign and Pride on the Plaza, and the reception of the Wheeling area.



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Bio: Mikaya Green, 25, is the founder of the Friendlier City Project, an LGBTQ+ group in Wheeling whose mission is to create a safe and welcoming space for LGBTQ+ people and allies. She teaches photography, design, and animation at Belmont Community College. She is also a co-owner of Better Together Moments, a photography and videography company. 

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