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Brown Collection Index 1849-1884

The Brown Collection of Photographs

Index 1849-1884

Photo# Year Description    
1849 The Sweeny Mansion. Built about 1849 by Thomas Sweeney, founder of one of the important early glass companies. Formerly stood at 847 Main Street. View Photo View Page
1849 Engraving of the City of Wheeling. View Photo View Page
1850 Wheeling Female College. A famous girl's school until 1889, when it was converted to a hospital. It stood on the site of the present Ohio Valley Medical Center. View Photo View Page
1852 This is believed to be the oldest existing picture of Wheeling. The Print is copied from an old daguereotype made during the flood of 1852, showing 10th and Main Streets. View Photo View Page
1852 The interior of old St. Joseph Cathedral. View Photo View Page
1852 The old St. Joseph Cathedral, built about 1847, was replaced with the present cathedral in 1924. View Photo View Page
1852 Bill of fare for Rail Road supper, McClure Hotel. View Photo View Page
1855 A quaint tombstone still standind in Penninsula cemetery. It is presumed that this man was a slave belonging to Daniel Steenrod, who lived in and laid out the town of Fulton in 1838. View Photo View Page
1856 The Suspension Bridge was at one time the longest suspension bridge in the world. It was opened and dedicated August 1, 1850. It blew down in 1854 but was rebuilt in 1856. View Photo View Page
1858 The old Post Office. This building was erected on the corner of 16th and Market Streets at the cost of $120,000. It is still standing. View Photo View Page
1859 The Linsly Institute Building. Located at the corner of 15th and Eoff. The institute was established in 1814. The building was the first Capitol of West Virginia, from 1864 to 1870. View Photo View Page
1873-1886 The old Opera House was erected in 1873. Many famous actors and singers appeared here. The Reilly building stands out front on this corner, 14th and Market Streets. It was built in 1886. Note the mule team hitched to the street car coming around the corner. View Photo View Page
1875 The Old City Building stood on the northeast corner of Chapline and 16th Streets. View Photo View Page
1878 Main Street from 14th looking north. C. Hess, Bloch Brothers, and C. Berry, all had stores on this street. View Photo View Page
1880 The Grand Theatre. This structure stood on the corner of 12th and Market Streets. It was one of the old Wheeling's most popular theatres. The German Band occupied the ground floor. View Photo View Page
1883 View from Wheeling hill showing the peninsula, Fulton, and the National Road. View Photo View Page
1884 The flood of 1884 showing Market Street at 14th. The Pollock Flour Mill, the four story building in the center, stands on the present day sight of the Central Union building. View Photo View Page
1884 The flood of 1884 covered 12th and Main Streets and did enormous damage to commercial establishments. Notice the hundreds of wires leading into the roof of the telephone exchange on the top floor of the People's Bank. View Photo View Page
1884 The Island end of the Suspension Bridge, looking straight down Virginia Street, during the flood of 1884 which reached the unprecedented stage of 52 feet. View Photo View Page
1884 Front Street on the Island during the flood of 1884. View Photo View Page


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The photos in this collection have been scanned to preserve as much of the artistic quality and style of the original.  If you would like a high resolution copy of a photo from this collection, please make a request through the OCPL contact form.

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