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Bridgeport, Ohio, 1886

- from The Wheeling Daily Intelligencer, September 14, 1886.


Considerable Item in the Grand Local Aggregate

Bridgeport, at the west end of the bridge of the Wheeling & Belmont Bridge Company, and connected with Wheeling, like Bellaire and Martin's Ferry, by street cars, is almost as old a town as Wheeling, and older than either of the others named. She has always had something of a manufacturing industry, which now includes the R.J. Baggs & Son Lumber Company, operating the National Planing Mill, and doing a large general lumber business; the Bridgeport Machine Shops of Thomas Hill; the Roller Flour Mills of Smith & Sons, which have a large capacity, and make also semolino, a preparation of wheat germ; the Diamond Flour Mills of E.P. Rhodes & Son, also a large concern; the Carlisle Brick Company, which operates on a large scale; J.M. Woodcock's long established stove foundry; and the La Belle and Nail City Glass works. The latter manufactures glass jars and bottles. It has suffered from several fires, and is not therefore as prosperous as most of the factories of the section. The La Belle seems to have entered on a new era of prosperity. It is one of the completest one-furnace factories in the country. S.C. Dunlevy is President and Addison Thompson Secretary.

Bridgeport, also prospers by the close location of the Wheeling Creek Coal company, an organization which operates extensive mines on the C. l. & W. road a few miles west of the town.

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