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The Mingo Statue

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▼ The Mingo Statue 

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The Mingo Statue In Wheeling

The Mingo Statue at the top of Wheeling Hill on National Road.An iconic image to all who call Wheeling home, this statue’s inscription reads “THE MINGO. Original Inhabitant of this Valley Extends GREETINGS and PEACE to all Wayfarers. Presented to the City of Wheeling by the Kiwanis Club and George W. Lutz. 1928.” The statue, dedicated Jan. 21, 1928, is located at the top of Wheeling Hill. 

-from Smithsonian Art Inventory:

A bronze statue of a Mingo Indian stands with proper right arm outstretched to welcome visitors to Wheeling. The figure wears moccasins, bead necklaces, a fringed loin cloth, feathers in his hair, and a quiver over his proper left shoulder. His proper left arm, draped with a cloth, is bent at the elbow with the hand near his chest. He has long hair and well-defined muscles. A bow rests on the plinth beside his proper right foot, which is slightly forward.

The Kiwanis Club of Wheeling, spurred by the vision of George W. Lutz, met the cost of casting and placing the Mingo. The artist, Henry Beu was an employee of North Wheeling Pottery. The statue is tribute to the Mingo, a detached band of the Iroquois Confederation which included the Delaware, Shawnee, Cayuga, Seneca, and Mohawk people. The Mingo lived in the area until the 1800s. On Jan. 29, 1982, the statue was severed at the ankles and taken from its pedestal by vandals. However, it was recovered and subsequently refurbished by the Mull Foundry. It was remounted and rededicated on April 21, 1983.

(Photograph by Seán Duffy) 


▶ On the west side of National Road at the crest of Wheeling Hill where Mt. Wood Rd, Pike St., and Stone Blvd. intersect.


Mingo Statue on National Road

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