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Mozart Incline Opens, October 25, 1893

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- from the Wheeling Daily Intelligencer, Thursday, October 26, 1893.


Cars Started Yesterday on the Mozart Park Incline.


And Witnessed by a Number of Invited Guests—Everything at the Park in Tip-top Shape for To-Day’s Brilliant Opening Exercises—The Programme is a First-class One—A Big Crowd Expected.

Yesterday afternoon at three o'clock a number of gentlemen, including representatives of the local press, gathered at the foot of Mozart Hill to witness the official tests of the new incline plane railway, which is to make access to the beautiful new resort, Mozart Park, easy. There was considerable delay in getting the double cables which are attached to each of the cars, made taut, so that it was a few minutes after four when the upper car was lowered down to the passenger station, ready for the first ascent. Genial Charley Hostman was the first man to enter the car and he was followed by thirty-one others. Though a few of those present were timid, most of the guests of the association felt no hesitation about going up the long incline. The first trip was made in one and a half minutes and after a few days it will be made in less than a minute. The second car went up the incline a few minutes afterwards and carried fifty-two people.

The crowd spent two or three hours in looking over the beautiful surroundings that attach to the park. The dancing pavilion particularly attracted much attention and admiration. It is the largest and finest in this part of the country. From the top, seventy-five feet above tins ground, a magnificent view of the surrounding country can be seen. St. Clairsville’s church spires, twelve miles over the Ohio hills, can be plainly seen. Bellaire, Benwood, Wheeling and Martin's Ferry seem to be almost under the feet of the spectator. The cafe building and the bowling alley shed are also very pretty structures, the former looking like a miniature Madison Square Garden.


The opening of the new park will take place to-day under the auspices of the Mozart Singing Society, within which was organized the Mozart Association that built the costly incline plane railway just finished. If the weather is fair an immense crowd is expected today to participate in the festivities. The grand concert will take place at 2 p. m., and a first class musical programme has been arranged in which will appear several of the best local musical people, including Mrs. Flora Williams, Mr. W. B. Day and Mr. Charles Zulauf. The programme will be under the direction of Prof. H. M. Schockey, which makes it an assured success. Meister's baud of twenty-four pieces will furnish the music. The evening attraction is a grand ball, which will be given in the dancing pavilion, which will be illuminated especially brilliantly for the occasion.


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