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Historic Places of Wheeling

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➤ Historic Districts: Maps and National Register Nomination forms
➤ Neighborhoods: Wheeling Neighborhoods, Ohio County Towns & Villages, Neighboring Cities

Buildings, Businesses, Landmarks, and Groups:

Buildings/Architecture: Histories, locations, and photos of Wheeling's most significant historic buildings and residences
Businesses: Histories, locations, and photos of Wheeling's industrial past
➤ Cemeteries: Histories, locations, and photos of Wheeling's cemeteries
Churches: Histories, locations, and photos of Wheeling's historic churches
➤ Government & Public Service: Police & fire stations, courthouses, and other public services (including the Library!)
➤ Hospitals, Clinics, & Homes for the Aged: Histories, locations, and photos of Wheeling's medical institutions. 
➤ Landmarks: Historic Ohio County & Wheeling landmarks, roadside markers, monuments, and statues 
➤ Parks & Recreation: Wheeling's historic parks, fairgrounds, casinos, golf courses, and racetracks
Schools: Histories, locations, and photos of Wheeling's schools
"Skull Place" - How Wheeling got its name.
➤ Theaters: Histories, locations, and photos of Wheeling's historic theaters
Organizations & Societies: Social, Fraternal, Military, and Civic Organizations, Unions, and more

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