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Historic Schools of Wheeling

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An act passed by the General Assembly of Virginia on February 23, 1849, separated the city from the county, placing schools under the control of a separate and independent board.¹

Schools in Wheeling:

Schools in Wheeling in 1886 (Daily Intelligencer article)

Public Ward Schools:

Centre School (5th Ward)
Clay (2nd & 3rd Ward)
Madison School (7th Ward)
Ritchie School (8th Ward)
Union School (4th Ward)
Washington School (1st Ward)
Webster School (6th Ward)

Public High Schools:

Lincoln High School
McKinley Trade/Vocational High School
➤ Triadelphia High School
Wheeling High School
Wheeling Park High School

Public District Schools:

Edgwood/Edgington Lane Public School
Elm Grove Public School/Kruger Street School
➤ Fulton Public School
➤ Steenrod
Triadelphia School

Parochial and Private Schools:

Blessed Martin
➤ Cathedral High School
➤ Central Catholic High School
Linsly Institute
75th Anniversary, 1889 (Daily Intelligencer article)
Mount De Chantal Visitation Academy
➤ St. Joseph Academy for Girls
➤ St. Micheal's
➤ Wheeling Catholic Elementary School 
➤ Wheeling Country Day School

Segregated Schools:

Lincoln School
Blessed Martin (Roman Catholic)

Post-Secondary Schools:

➤ Wheeling College/Wheeling Jesuit University/Wheeling University
Wheeling Female College/Seminary
➤ West Liberty University
➤ West Virginia Northern Community College

Business Schools:

➤ Wheeling Business College
➤ Elliott Commercial School | Elliott Business School

¹ West Virginia State Dept. of Education. (1907). The history of education in West Virginia. (Rev. ed., p. 240). Charleston, WV: Tribune Print.
²Cranmer, G. (1902). History of Wheeling City and Ohio County, West Virginia and representative citizens. Chicago, Ill.: Biographical Pub.

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