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Government & Public Service in Wheeling

Places of Wheeling Banner


State Government:

State Capitol of the Reorganized Government of Virginia: 1861-1863 (U.S. Custom House, now WV Independence Hall)
First State Capitol Building of West Virginia: 1863-1870 & 1875-1876 (Linsly Institute)
Third State Capitol Building of West Virginia: 1876-1885 (Old City-County Building)

City & County Government:

City Government in 1886 (Intelligencer article)
Old Court House
Old City-County Building
➤ Current City County Building

Federal Government:

Federal Building & Post Office
➤ Modern Post Office Building
U.S. Custom House (WV Independence Hall)

Law Enforcement & Public Safety:

➤ Police Department
County Jail
Fire Department
➤ Health Department
Garbage Collection in 1913
Wheeling Certified Milk Commission
Wheeling Crematory/Incinerator

Public Service:

Public Library
➤ Public Schools (See Schools)
➤ Public Utilities
➤ Wheeling Water Works

Children's Homes & Orphanages:

Children's Home of the City of Wheeling
➤ St. Vincent's Home for Girls
➤ St. John's Home for Orphan Boys
➤ Wheeling Florence Crittenton Home

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