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Beau Brummel Organization

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▶ Beau Brummel Organization

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Beau Brummel Organization In Wheeling

"During the later months of 1929, a few men of color saw fit to plan a dance where they would dress formally, along with their wives and sweethearts, and have a gallant time of their own." From this beginning, the Beau Brummel Organization began.

-from "Wheeling," by William A Carney Jr. and Brent Carney, 2003

"In 1930, 26 black men from Wheeling started the Beau Brummel organization as an upscale social club. The men would dress formally to the annual winter formal dance and spring formal. Only the summer picnic was without black tie. The organization offered yearly scholarships, ran the March of Dimes bells, and delivered care packages to the needy at Christmas."


▶ 1003 Chapline Street


Beau Brummel Organization

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