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Fraternal Order of Police, Wheeling Lodge No. 38

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History of the Fraternal Order of Police, Wheeling Lodge No. 38

-From Fraternal Order of Police Wheeling Lodge No. 38 yearbook, 1937

"The Wheeling Lodge secured its charter and became affiliated with the national organization of The Fraternal Order of Police on February 21, 1926. The men elected to the first offices of the lodge were Robert Shane, President; William Gersting, Vice President; William Bucy, Secretary; James Stanley, Treasurer, and Samuel Moran, Conductor. The organization was sponsored under the term of George Buchwald, who at that time was Chief of Police. He was one of the organization's greatest boosters.

"This organization was formed for the purpose of bettering existing conditions of Policemen; for advancing social, benevolent, charitable, and educational undertakings among its members.

"The Lodge has created a better fellowship among the members of the Police Department. It has been instrumental in securing civil service and pensions for the Police throughout the State of West Virginia.

"Through this organization the Police Department is better able to serve both themselves and the public."


Fraternal Order of Police, Wheeling Lodge No. 38

Newspaper Articles

Fraternal Order Of Police Is Formed By Local Police Force, Wheeling Intelligencer, February 22, 1926.

Additional Resources

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▶ Fraternal Order of Police, Wheeling Lodge No. 38 yearbook, 1937.

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