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Eighth Ward (Ritchie) School Principals

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▶ Eighth Ward (Ritchie) School Principals

- Information up to 1978 from "A Collection About Ohio County Public Schools," Bonar, Levering C., 1978.

Eighth Ward (Ritchie) Principals

H. N. Mertz 1872-1879
J. C. Wynne 1879-1884
F. H. Crago 1884-1912
H. B. Johns 1912-1915
George B. Rose 1915-1920
Earl W. Giesey 1920-1924
William M. Beetham 1924-1925
Jennie McGown 1925-1927
H. L. Trussell 1927-1934
E. W. Gittings 1934-1951
*Bessie Jobes 1947-1951
Harold K. Blayney 1951-1955
V. Everett Brinkman 1955-1957
W. Herman Thornburg 1957-1972
Dorothy Beck 1972-1975
John U. Crunelle 1975-?
John Jorden ?-present

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