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First Ward (Washington) School Principals

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▶ First Ward (Washington) School Principals

- From "A Collection About Ohio County Public Schools," Bonar, Levering C., 1978, pg. 12.

First Ward (Washington) Principals

Matthew Bigger 1851-
Samuel Stevens 1859-
J. F. Snowden 1862-
C. W. Davenport 1868-1869
Z. G. Bundy 1869-1878
T. B. McCain 1878-1880
Martha Harper 1880-1897
Charles Brilles 1897-1905
S. S. Jacob, Jr. 1905-1913
J. H. Humphry 1913-1919
W. E. Butcher 1919-1928
E. W. Gittings 1928-1934
Bertha Fette 1934-1938
Earl Hederson 1938-1940
Zach W. Springer 1940-1948
Lester A. Smith  1948-1955
Carl K. Maupin  1955-1957
Phillip N. Reed  1957-1960 
Rhea Rogerson  1960-1961 
Edward Gaughan  1961-1970 
Dorothy Beck  1970-1971 
Raymond Chenoweth  1971-1973 
Chris Tieman  1973-1975

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