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Pythian Temple: The New Pythian Temple, 1895

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▶ Pythian Temple: Newspaper Articles

- from the Wheeling Intelligencer, August 3, 1895.


A Handsome Improvement to be Erected Soon on the South Side.


Drawing of Pythan Temple

The INTELLIGENCER this morning presents an illustration of the new Pythian Castle to be erected at the corner of Chapline and Twenty-seventh streets, by the Pythian Temple Association of Wheeling. It is intended as the home of all the local lodges of Knights of Pythias, as well as the Uniformed Rank of that order. Its cost, ready to be occupied, will be about $30,000, and it will make a decided improvement in the appearance of that part of town, as well as a much needed convenience for public meetings and the like.

The plans were drawn by Hamilton & Son, and are now on exhibition at the Builders' Exchange. Bids close August 10 and the work is to be pushed to completion at once. The construction is in charge of a committee, composed on Capt. George W. Weisgerber, chairman, G. H. Medick, W. J. Cook, E. S. Ellis and James H. Lancaster, representing the various lodges and divisions of the order in the city.

As will be seen by the accompanying cut it will be a handsome structure. It will have a frontage of fifty feet on Chapline street and 100 feet on Twenty-seventh. The first floor will be devoted to two modern and elegant store rooms on Chapline street, besides the hall entrance, while there will be three store rooms fronting on Twenty-seventh.

The structure will be of brick and stone and entirely fireproof throughout. In the second story will be an assembly room and banquet hall. It will be twenty feet high, fitted with a roomy stage, completely equipped, and with all the kitchen and other accessories for lunch, festivals, banquets, etc., and will at the same time be strongly built for use as a drill room.

In the third story, fifteen feet to the ceilings, will be the lodge rooms, smoking rooms, ante-rooms and reception hall.

It is the aim of the committee to have the building ready for dedication by January 1, 1896.

[The address of the Pythian Temple was 2700 Chapline St.]

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