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Richard Nixon in Wheeling

Dwight D. Eisenhower (September 24) and Harry S. Truman (October 23) came through Wheeling within a month of each in 1952, both on campaigning on whistle-stop train tours. Eisenhower would ask Richard M. Nixon, his vice-presidential running mate, to meet him "face-to-face" on this Wheeling stop following Nixon's televised "Checkers" speech. Eisenhower met Nixon late that night, in his airplane at the Ohio County Airport.

During a campaign stop in Wheeling four years later, September 28, 1956, Nixon was asked about that meeting by a Wheeling Intelligencer reporter. Nixon replied that no one was more surprised than he was when he learned Eisenhower was sitting in a parked car on the airfield ramp waiting for the plane to land. "I was just pulling on my coat when someone said Mr. Eisenhower was boarding the plane."

Newspaper Articles

➤ Ike Declares Nixon Will Remain After Face-to-Face Meeting HereWheeling Intelligencer, Thursday, September 25th, 1952
➤ Nixon Tells Crowd at Wheeling Park's White Palace That Americans Should Not Settle for Less Than the BestWheeling Intelligencer, Saturday, April 9th, 1960
Ike-Nixon Meet Shades PrimaryWheeling Intelligencer, Saturday, April 9th, 1960


Nixon and Eisenhower meet at the Ohio County-Wheeling Airport, September 25, 1952. (OCPL Archives, Donated by Erin Rothenbuehler)

Press Photo: Presidential Candidate General Dwight D. Eisenhower meets Senator Richard M. Nixon at the Wheeling Airport, September 24, 1952.

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