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Webster School Principals

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▶ Webster School Principals

- From "A Collection About Ohio County Public Schools," Bonar, Levering C., 1978, pg. 24-25.

Webster Principals

 James R. Galloway 1886-1869
 Samuel W. Boyd 1869-1880
 S. S. Gibson 1880-Died 
Felix H. Crago  1880-1884 
J. Clinton Gynne  1884-1891 
Mary Reppetto  1891-1928 
E. L. Markley  1928-1931 
Bertha Fette  1931-1934 
Frank B. Maupin  1934-1949 
Logan B. Kittle  1949-1954
W. Elwood Ball  1954-1957 
O. N. McCoy  1957-1966 
Donald Powell  166-1970 
John Crunelle  1970-1975 
James Bock  1975-1976 

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