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Iron & Steel Industries in Wheeling

NOTICE: We are currently in the process of restructuring the “Wheeling History” section of our website. Much of the information previously available can still be accessed by using the search function at the top of the page. We apologize for the temporary inconvenience. Please check back regularly for updates.

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Steel Industry in Wheeling:

  ▶ Iron & Steel in Wheeling in 1886 (Intelligencer article)
  ▶ A discussion of soft steel, one of Wheeling's specialties (1886 Intelligencer article)
  ▶ Lantern Manufacturing in Wheeling, 1886 (Intelligencer article)
  ▶ Pipe and Nail Works in Wheeling, 1889 (Intelligencer article)

Iron & Steel Works:

  ▶ Arlington Stove Works
  ▶ Belmont Iron Works
     ▶ Belmont Iron Works Advertisement (1851)
  ▶ Centre Foundry
     ▶ A Tour of Centre Foundry & Machine Co., 1990
  ▶ Crescent mill of Whitaker Iron Co.
     ▶ Crescent Mill in 1886 (Intelligencer article)
  ▶ Island Foundry
    ▶ Island Foundry in 1860 (Wheeling Intelligencer article)
  ▶ J. E. Moss Iron Works
  ▶ La Belle Iron Works | La Belle Cut Nail Company 
  ▶ National Tube & Riverside Works
  ▶ The Riverside Iron Works 
    ▶ The Riverside Iron Works in 1886 (Intelligencer article)
  ▶ The Top Mill (Wheeling Iron and Nail Co.)
     ▶ Top Mill in 1886 (Intelligencer article)
  ▶ Wheeling Corrugating Co.
  ▶ Wheeling Hinge Co.
    ▶ Wheeling Hinge Co. in 1886 (Intelligencer article)
 ▶ Wheeling Iron Works
    ▶ Wheeling Iron Works Price List, 1836 
 ▶ Wheeling Novelty Works
    ▶ Wheeling Novelty Works, 1849
 ▶ Wheeling Stamping Co. [Nail City Lantern Company]
 ▶ Wheeling Steel Co.
    ▶ Wheeling Steel in 1886 (Intelligencer article)
    ▶ Wheeling Steel in 1956 (News-Register article)
ACROSS THE RIVER (Ohio Companies)
  ▶ Carnegie Steel Works, Bellaire
  ▶ Laughlin Steel Co. and Junction Iron Co., Mingo, Ohio

Nail Industry in Wheeling:

  ▶ Wheeling's Leading Product (1886)


  ▶ Benwood Nail Works
  ▶ La Belle Iron Works | La Belle Cut Nail Company 
  ▶ Belmont Nail Works 
     ▶ Belmont Nail Works advertisement (1862)
     ▶ Belmont Nail Works in 1886 (Intelligencer article)
  ▶ Norway Tack Co.
    ▶ Norway Tack Co. in 1886 (Intelligencer article)

ACROSS THE RIVER (Ohio Companies)
   ▶ Bellaire Nail Co.
     ▶ Bellaire Nail Co. in 1886 (Intelligencer article)
  ▶ Laughlin Nail Co. (Martins Ferry) 

Axle Manufacturers:

Spears Axle Co. 
▶ Wheeling Axle Co. 

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