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Iron Roofing Industry in Wheeling in 1886

from The Wheeling Daily Intelligencer, September 14, 1886 


Stove Pipes, Iron Measures and Similar Goods

An industry which is growing to vast proportions in Wheeling is the manufacture of iron roofing. Lately the making of stove pipes on a large scale has been added. Grocers' measures of iron have been made extensively for some time. Wheeling offers better facilities for such enterprises than any other locality. The existence here of three of the largest manufactories in the world devoted to sheet iron and steel saves much of the first cost in the way of freight on material. Yet until within a few years nearly all the roofing done here was local, and the material tin, tar and gravel, shingle and slate. An important work was done in roofing houses in surrounding towns with tin, tar and slate.

Caldwell & Peterson, a firm composed of B.F. Caldwell and W.F. Peterson, are engaged in the manufacture of sheet iron roofing patented by Mr. Caldwell. They ship largely to distant points, and though the industy is a new one it has already assumed considerable proportions. They also manufacture a patent stove pipe which promises to lead the market.

William A. List & Co. operate a factory in Alley 12, in the manufacture of iron, tin and felt roofing and iron measures and vessels. They have built up considerably more than a local trade.

N.A. Haldeman & Co. manufacture an iron roofing which is in good demand far and near. George W. Johnson's Sons, Nesbitt and Bro., R.V. Arkle, J.G. Kline and C.E. Stifel 7 Son also manufacture tin and sheet iron roofing, and there is one house engaged in slate roofing, and three in tar, gravel and felt composition roofing, all doing a good trade.

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