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Rogers Hotel Opens, 1915

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Hotel Monthly articles

- From the trade publication, "The Hotel Monthly," Vol. 23, No. 265, April 1915, pg. 64.

Hotel with revolutionary ideas

W. D. Fulmer, Wheeling, W. Va.: “The Rogers is being built by the Rogers estate and will contain 73 bed rooms, 48 tub and 25 shower baths. It is located in the heart of the city. We expect to open about the first of June a hotel with revolutionary ideas; fireproof, class A, every room with private bath, telephone, writing desk, and every modern convenience. Catering to commercial trade only at one price, $1.00.”

- From the trade publication, "The Hotel Monthly," Vol. 23, No. 271, October 1915, pg. 59.


“Room with Bath for a Dollar”

The Rogers Hotel of Wheeling, W. Va., opened last month, is located on Fourteenth street, between Chapline and Market. It is a six-story fireproof structure of 75 rooms, every room with either tub or shower bath.

Manager W. D. Fulmer was formerly chief clerk of the Windsor in Wheeling. When THE HOTEL MONTHLY offered prizes for plans for a 50-room hotel Mr. Fulmer, one of the winners, was the only hotel man who submitted plans that won a prize.

The Rogers is unique in that it sells a room with bath for a dollar; that is, a room with shower bath; and if an inside room, a tub bath for $1.00. The outside rooms with bath are $1.25.

The lobby is 38x45 feet, decorated in Adams style, in ivory and French gray, furnished in mahogany, and grouped about it are the modern accessories, as 'phone booths, cigar stand, check room and the like. There is a bubbler fountain. The public lavatories, baggage and sample rooms are located directly off the lobby. A feature of the lobby is a caen stone mantel.

The bed rooms are furnished in fumed oak; the beds vernis martin with box springs, the chairs straight and rocker upholstered; the desk with glass top; a trunk rest, 'phone, etc., and the brussels carpets and all furnishings harmonizing. The motto is "Comfortable and clean."

The bath rooms are mechanically ventilated, and thoroly [sic] sanitary in all respects. The tubs are built in, and the showers are adjustable.

The elevator has safety device so that car will not move unless door is closed. The light and power are furnished by the Wheeling Electric Co. There are two automatic heaters of 300-gallon capacity, and a 600-gallon storage tank. A vacuum cleaning system is installed. The water is filtered.

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