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Wheeling Novelty Works, 1849

- from The Daily Wheeling Gazette, Oct. 16, 1849, p. 3


Ever since Yankeedom "assumed a place among the nations of the earth," notions and novelties have appeared to be the spontaneous productions of this famous land. They have been carried to all parts of the world, exciting wonder and admiration, even among those who regarded new institutions with the greatest animosity. But, novelties are only pertinent to our present purpose as far as we have occasion to speak of an establishment in this city, which tho' we have neglected to notice hitherto, we stepped into it, the other day, and found it full of enterprise and ingenuity. The refer to the WHEELING NOVELTY WORKS, of Messrs. CHARLES, KNOX & Co. This establishment has been in operation about a year, and has been highly successful in the manufacture of articles which to enumerate, would be to name as many notions as an extravagant young married lady wishes to commence house keeping with. We may mention, however among the articles which they have gained a high reputation for manufacturing Fairbanks Platform Scales, Hatche's Counter Balances, Locks, Bolts, Coffee Mills, Hinges and Stirrups.

In all the intricacies of their business they have succeeded admirably, and especially in converting their iron castings into malliable metal. Their furnace and oven for this purpose is a new improvement, but two more on the same plan existing in the West, and from the ready sale which their malleable articles meet with among dealers, we opine that the Wheeling Novelty Works is superior in this respect to similar establishments in Pittsburgh and Cincinnati.

The machinery and apparatus was erected under the supervision of Mr. WILLIAM CHARLES, a gentleman of much ingenuity and who still superintends the establishment.

We learn that the proprietors of the Novelty Works are now filling large orders from abroad.

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