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Communications in Wheeling, 1886

- from The Wheeling Daily Intelligencer, September 14, 1886



And Means of Rapid and Easy Communication with the World at Large - Metropolitan Features of Life in Wheeling. Mail and Express Conveniences

There are a number of particulars in which Wheeling equals the metropolitan cities of the country, and which confer upon the manufacturing and commercial business of the city increased advantages. The city is not only supplied with the telephone, but the system is connected at the central exchange with the exchanges at Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Washington, Rochester and Beaver Falls and other places in Pennsylvania; Wellsburg, Moundsville, Benwood, and all the suburban localities in West Virginia; Steubenville, Martin's Ferry, Aetnaville, Bridgeport and Bellaire, ohio; and business men can converse with customers in those towns as satisfactorily as face to face.

Her telegraph connection is complete and the rates as reasonable as competition can render them. Both the Western Union and the Baltimore & Ohio telegraph systems have large offices here with expert operators, the money order feature and all the facilities of a first class telegraph station.

Express communication is afforded by the Adams, Baltimore & Ohio and American Express Companies, the different systems embracing with their connections every express office on the continent.

The city has the advantages of a Fuller electric light plant, and the towns across the river and the different sections of the city itself are connected closely by street car lines. The city has free mail delivery and from twenty to thirty mails arrive and depart daily.

Wheeling's hotels are ample to care for all travel and transient visitors, and she has a number of boarding houses of all grades, sufficient to accomodate the large floating population. Her restaurants and eating houses excel those of any city of equal size in the country. They have a justly earned fame as purveyors to the varied tastes of their patrons, and it is a matter of wide comment that not even in the largest cities can better restaurants be supported at lower charges. Transient boarders are furnished the best meals at 25 cents, while arrangements are made for weekly board at much reduced rates. There is no city where a visitor is made to feel more at home, or a resident extended more conveniences and accomodations, than in Wheeling.

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