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P. Welty & Co.

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P. Welty & Co.

Located at 1118 Main and 1121 Market Streets from, Peter Welty and Co. was in the wholesale liquor business in Wheeling from 1885 to 1914 when, anticipating the passage of the state prohibition act, the company moved to Pittsburgh.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from April 3, 1914 reported: "Moving in from West Virginia because West Virginia becomes "dry" on July 1, 1914, P. Welty & Co. of Wheeling, the largest wholesale liquor house in the state, is endeavoring to locate in Pittsburgh. The firm proposes to buy out the ' business of the L. W. Walker Company at 103 Smithfield street, and is hoping the License Court will agree to the deal. From Pittsburgh, P. Welty & Co. expects to supply its trade in West Virginia after it is legislated out of business in Wheeling. It will be up to the License Court to decide whether this deal will be permitted."

The move was a short-lived one, however. Four years later, in 1918, the passage of national prohibition put P. Welty & Co. out of business.


 ▶ 1118 Main Street and 1121 Market Street


P. Welty & Co.

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