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Wheeling Stamping Co.

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Wheeling Stamping Co.

- a short history of the Wheeilng Stamping Co. from "History of Greater Wheeling and Vicinity," Wingerter, A. M.; Chicago: Lewis Publishing, 1912. v.2, p. 833-834.

One of the oldest and best known specialty manufacturing concerns of Wheeling is the Wheeling Stamping Company, The men identified with the business since its establishment have been energetic business men and public-spirited citizens and through them and the results of their industry much has been contributed to the substantial growth and improvement of Wheeling.

The Wheeling Stamping Company originated in 1877 as the "Nail City Lantern Company." The first president of this concern was A. W. Paull, Sr., and his associates were Samuel A. Laughlin and Alexander Laughlin. In 1897 the business was organized under the present title and was incorporated in the same year. During the first year of operation twenty people were employed in the plant. It is now an industry employing three hundred, and its payroll is one of the substantial contributions to Wheeling's prosperity and its product adds to the fame of this city as a manufacturing center. The business is capitalized at three hundred thousand dollars, all of which is owned by local stockholders. The officers of the company are: J. F. Paull, president; A. W. Paull, secretary and general manager; James S. Paull, assistant secretary; and Irwin Paull, treasurer.

The factory is one of the largest in the manufacturing district. There are three four-story buildings, each covering a ground space sixty-six by one hundred and twenty feet, and the mechanical equipment is of the most modern type for the manufacture of a varied output. The company sends its goods to all parts of the United States and abroad, and they have a standard reputation in many markets. The principal articles manufactured are lanterns, lamp burners, fruit tops, tooth-paste tubes, lithograph tinware and metal specialties, and they manufacture goods both for the direct market and for other manufacturing concerns.

The earliest listings in the Wheeling City Directories show the Nail City Lantern Co. was located at 1212 Main. By 1886, the company had moved to 1312-1314 Water Street, and by 1888, had expanded to included 1316 Water St. as well. In 1892, the factory moved to 2106-2116 Water St. The factory would remain at this location—now the Global Operations Center of the international law firm, Orrick—until the mid-1950s, undergoing to name changes. In the 1894 and 1896 city directories, the company is listed as "Nail City Stamping Co., 2106-2116 Water St." The 1898 city directory listing reflects a further name change: "Nail City Stamping Co., The, see 'Wheeling Stamping Co.'"

-from the 1898 Wheeling City Directory:

Wheeling Stamping Co. (Geo. W. Woods, prest.; A. W. Paull, gen'l mgr.; A. W. Paull, Jr., sec'y; L. E. Sands, treas.;) mfrs of lanterns, lamp trimmings, lamp burners and metal specialities, office and works, 2116 Water.

By 1956, Wheeling Stamping Company was listed in the Wheeling City Directory as being located in Warwood, at Hazlett Cor., N 9th St.

-from the 1956 Wheeling City Directory:

Wheeling Stamping Co., A W Paull, Pres. and Genl mgr, Ambrose D Paull, Sec, A W Paull Jr, Treas, V. V. Lynsky, Comptroller, C B Hart, Sales mgr, Lamp burners, collapsible tubes, plastic tube caps, bottle cups and closures, Hazelett Cor. N 9th

By the time the factory made the move to Warwood, the company was primarily concentrating on manufacturing collapsible metal and plastic tubes for the toothpaste industry. 

The Warwood facility was originally built in 1912 for the Packer Trucking Company, a company who transported for the Schenk Meat Packing Company and provided beer wagons for beer distributors. Later, it was occupied by the Continental Can Company who was bought by Wheeling Steel and relocated to Oil City, PA. The Wheeling Stamping Company was last listed at this site in the 1991 city directory. Today, the Warwood facility houses three companies: Warwood Armature, Continental Ventures LLC, and Primedia Products. 


 ▶ 1877?~1886: as "Nail City Lantern Co.," 1212 Main St. 
 ▶ 1886~1888: as "Nail City Lantern Co.," 1312-1314 Water St. 
 ▶ 1888~1892: as "Nail City Lantern Co.," 1312-1316 Water St. 
 ▶ 1892~1894: as "Nail City Lantern Co.," 2106-2116 Water St. 
 ▶ 1894~1898: as "Nail City Stamping Co.," 2106-2116 Water St. 
 ▶ 1898~1956: as "Wheeling Stamping Co.," 2116 Water St. 

 ▶ 1956~1991: as "Wheeling Stamping Co.," Hazlett Cor. N 9th St., Warwood 


Wheeling Stamping Co.

Newspaper Articles

▶ "Lantern Manufacture," Wheeling Daily Intelligencer, September 14, 1886.

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Vertical File: Wheeling Stamping Co. (Wheeling Room, non-circulating, ask for access at Reference Desk) 

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