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Elks Lodge Wheeling: New Home Planned, 1931

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▶ Elks Lodge: Newspaper Articles

- from the Wheeling News-Register, July 12, 1931. Page 1 Sec. 3.
  © OGDEN NEWSPAPERS. Reproduced with permission.

Wheeling Lodge of Elks Plan Construction of New $300,000 Home.

Bond Issue To Be Floated Among Members for New Club

Damage Inflicted by Two Fires and Growth of Membership of Local Lodge Prompts Directors to Plan new Structure.

Tentative plans for the erection of a new $300,000 Elks' home have been arranged by directors of the local lodge and within a short time the site of the present home will probably be occupied by a modern structure, one which is expected to be on a par with any in the United States. Financing plans call for the floating of a bond issue among the membership.

Two recent fires damaged the present building to the extent that more than $50,000 would have to be spent in placing it in condition again. Even with the present structure back in shape it would still be out of date, the directors contended. This fact combined with the rapid growth in the membership prompted the officials to plan the construction of a modern home.

Financing is Planned

Present plans for financing the proposed building would be by distributing $200,000 in bonds among the members, these to be divided into $100 units and the floating of another $100,000tobe taken up by the Conservative Life Insurance company with a first mortgage being taken on the property. the yield on the bonds will be as follows, 2 per cent for the first five years; 3 percent for the second five years; 4 per cent for the next five years and 5 per cent for the next 15years. This would make the average yield 4 per cent. The bond will be retired by lot and will be redeemed as per contract.

Specifications Named

According to the architect's specifications of the new structure it will occupy 150 feet on Fifteenth street; taking in the present home and the site of the old Hopkins Motor company, also the apartment to the east of it. On Eoff street it will occupy 120 feet, which will front the spacious auditorium.

Plans call for the new building to be constructed of fabricated fire-proof steel, concrete and brick. The exterior will be of Indiana limestone, with face brick construction above.

Three of Wheeling's leading architects were engaged as co-architects to draw the plans for the new home. They are E. Bates Franzheim, Frederic Faris and George B. Cunningham, and they have devoted a great deal of time in taking the best from all present Elk club homes and putting them into practical use in the proposed new home for No. 28 of Wheeling.

Otto Schenk has taken the chairmanship of the campaign committee which will have the job of selling the bonds for the erection of the new building. He will be ably assisted by such well known Wheeling business men as George W. Lutz, H.C. Ogden, John B. Garden, J. Adam Blum, Sam Good, Louis Horkheimer, Charles L. Sonneborn, Lee C. Paull, Dr. W. E. Weiss, J. Bernard Handlan and J. A. Bloch.

Headquarters have been opened on the second floor of the Elks club, where a force of young ladies are busily engaged in getting up lists of the membership and preparing for the active campaign that is to be launched.

The bond issue can be put over with a bang if every member will simply subscribe for $200 worth of bonds and when it is understood that they have a lengthy time in which to pay, it is believed that the average member will be able to do their bit in this respect.

New Elks Club

The semi-basement or club floor of the proposed new building will be a spacious affair. Entrance to it will be by either stairway, or elevator into a large hall-way. Just off the hall will be a spacious banquet hall, one of the finest in this section which will have a seating capacity of approximately 500 persons. Along the north edge of the dining room will be six private dining rooms, with the serving hall running across the entire length of the banquet hall.

On the west end of the dining hall will be located a large lounging room, with a check room on either end, with men's toilet and women's toilet room.

At the east end of the banquet hall will be found an up-to-date and modern kitchen, with all facilities that go with it, with an elevator at either end giving service to the upper floors. Just across the service hall from the kitchen will be found the refreshment bar, which in turn is connected on the west by a spacious grill room, one of the most modern of construction.

The manager's office is just off the grill to the north and next will be found a private dining room for special occasions. At the north-west end of the grill room will be found the Indian room, which will be a reproduction of the present one at the club.

On the opposite side of the main hall, or in the northwest corner of the building will be the billiard and pool room and to the south of it the main men's lavatory and shower room. Along the south side of the main grill will be found a number of private game booths.

The Main Floor

The main, or second floor, will be only a few steps above the level of the street and entrance to it will be either from the Eoff, or the Fifteenth street side of the building.

First, we describe the Fifteenth street side of the building, which is in reality separate from the auditorium side. Entering a large loggia, one is ushered through a vestibule, on either side of which will be found the men's and ladies waiting rooms and just within is a large lobby.

On the west end of this side of the building just off the lobby will be found the main stair hall, with the approaches to the elevators and the stairways to the main auditorium as well as the floor above. To the north of the stair hall is the office of the secretary of the lodge and just across the entire length of the two rooms is the main lounge. To the south of the main lobby on either side of the stairway leading into the main auditorium will be found the ladies powder room and on the other side the coat room.

Just off the lobby to the east will be found the ladies meeting room, where private meetings of various kinds may be held, with serving room and dining room connected, while to the south of this section is an entrance way to the kitchen under the stage, as well as storage for chairs and other articles used about the club.

Auditorium Entranceway

The main entrance to the auditorium is from Eoff street, just a few steps, entering a well-designed foyer, with swinging doors to the main auditorium. The spacious auditorium will have a seating capacity of approximately 1350 persons, being one the finest in the state.

To the east of this auditorium will be found the ample stage, which is almost as large as that of the Court theater. Special facilities have been provided to handle all articles for the stage from an alley entrance.

Third Floor Layout

The upper, or third floor will be reached via both stairway and elevator and will be in keeping with the other sections of the building. On the Fifteenth street side will be found the main stair hall just off the stairway and elevator, with an ante-room to the north and to the west of that in the corner a room for candidates with the large coat room adjoining, and toilet room and storage room connected.

On the east of the stair hall will be found the enlarged lodge room, one of the finest possible to equip, with terraced seats along each side. On the southeast corner will be found the orchestra platform and connecting it with a passageway will find ready entrance to the upper part of the stage. Just off the passageway to the north will be found locker rooms with toilets connecting.

Balcony Plan

Over the main auditorium on the other side of the building will be found the large horse-shoe balcony, which will give a ready and unobstructed view of the stage from all parts of the seated section. Back of the balcony on the west will be found a large meeting room, with lobby and toilets on either side. The entire building will be ventilated and heated in the most modern manner and the latest appliances will be installed for that purpose. It will be truly an up-to-date and modern building.

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