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Schmulbach Building Booklet

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▼ Schmulbach Building Booklet

-Booklet from the OCPL Archives Vertical File: Schmulbach Building. Published by Chasmar-Winchell Press, New York and Pittsburgh, ~1907

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The Schmulbach Building

LOCATED on Market Street, adjoining the German Bank of Wheeling. It is in the center of the business section, near the principal financial and mercantile establishments, railroad stations and public buildings of the city. The question of cost has been subordinated to beauty of design and finish and excellence of equipment. As to beauty, heavy granite and gray brick walls, roomy corridors, with artistic decorations, grilles, etc., hardwood finish and plate glass throughout; and as to equipment, the boilers, pumps, dynamos, elevators and other machinery, the heating and plumbing systems, mail chutes, drinking fountains and other features, all combine to make an office in the Schmulbach Building alike attractive to tenant and caller.

The dimensions of the building are one hundred by one hundred and twenty-seven feet, with twelve stories above the level of the street, one hundred and, sixty-seven feet three inches above the first floor line, in addition to a basement, being the highest building and having the greatest floor area in the State.

The cars of all traction lines operating in Wheeling either pass the building or within less than half a block of it.

There are four of the best hydraulic passenger elevators and one freight elevator, all equipped with the most modern approved devices for absolute safety under all conditions. The elevators are run with duplicate engines, so that there may be no chance for stoppage or delays.

The building is equipped with the latest arrangement of steam heat under thermostatic control, and is ventilated by means of large power fans and air shafts.

The lavatories and toilet rooms are designed with the strictest observance of sanitary laws.

There is a well-appointed barber shop under experienced management.

There is a cafe, restaurant and roof garden, designed to provide superior service at reasonable rates.

Steel safes are provided free, with specially designed interiors, giving each safe a cabinet made up of three sections out of ten varieties.

The entrance to the building is on Market Street, through a wide hall finished in marble extending to Post Office Place.

The janitor service will be the best, and everything will be done to make the building as high grade in service as it is in construction, finish and modern conveniences.

Further particulars may be had upon application to A. M. Hamilton, Renting Agent, No. 1202 Chapline Street, Wheeling.

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