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Washington Hall: Legislature in Session During Fire, 1875

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▶ Washington Hall: Newspaper Articles

- from the Daily Intelligencer, December 1, 1875


The gentlemen of the Capitol Committee by their prompt action yesterday satisfied everybody that in no other place in the State could the Legislature be comfortably provided for in an emergency in as short a time as in Wheeling. The fire broke out in Washington Hall, where the Legislature has been setting, at 9 a. m., and before noon the Court House was being converted into a hall for the use of the House of Delegates.

It was thought that the City Building, where the Senate has been in session, would be in a dangerous proximity to the standing walls, and the large and elegant room recently used as a billiard parlor at the McLure House was secured for that body. During the afternoon the necessary preparations were made, the desks were put in their proper places, and the Legislature of the State of West Virginia will be in session to-day as if nothing unusual had occurred.


CIRCUIT COURT. - Judge Hoge. 
This court met yesterday afternoon at 5 o'clock. There was no morning session on account of the fire raging all day a few yards from the Court House. . .

POLICE COURT. - Judge Cranmer.
Just about the time His Honor opened court yesterday morning, tho fire at Washington Hall created so much excitement that court was adjourned until 4 P. M. . . 

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