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Work Started on McLain Apartments, 1915

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▼ Newspaper Article

-from the Wheeling Register, June 6, 1915.

McLain Apartments Will Be Most Modern Every Way

Dr. W. H. McLain Plans to Make New Building Second to None in Vicinity

Work Started

Word has been started on the remodeling and building of the McLain apartments on the corner of Eoff and Twelfth streets. The work is being done by H. W. Fair, local contractor, and it is expected to have the building completed within a couple of months. When completed, it promises to be one of the finest apartment houses in the part of the country. The approximate cost of the building will be $20,000.

The building that occupied the site of the new building was the McLain homestead. Portions of the old building will be used in the construction of the new building, that is some of the walls, but the interior of the building will be changed entirely. There will be much new work added to the exterior also, the building extending to the limits of the lot on Eoff and Twelfth streets, and read, with an areaway on the west side, providing plenty of light.

The plans, which were drawn by Architect Fred Faris, provide for six apartments, two to each floor, each containing six rooms and bath. There will be a living room, two bed rooms, each opening into the bath room, a servants room, dining room and kitchen, in addition to a butler's pantry. Separate halls are provided for each apartment, leading from the main hall at the entrance and the stairway, leading from the main entrance on each floor.

Abundance of Light.

To give an idea of the lighting that is provided for each apartment, there will be fourteen windows to each on the sides. A feature of the apartments that will attract is the closet space provided. Large and roomy closets in the different rooms will be appreciated.

All floors in the building will be hard wood, as well as all other woodwork in the building. The woodwork throughout will be finished in white. The plumbing is also of the best, solid porcelain being used throughout. The bathtubs will be "keyed-in," being the latest thing in bath room equipment. For heating, the vapor heating system will be used. The laundry will also be well-equipped, porcelain being used even to the laundry tubs. There will also be a toilet and bath in the basement for the benefit of the servants. A storage cellar is also arranged for each apartment.

The exterior of the building will be of brick, plastered, similar to the new Rex theatre, and will present a handsome appearance. On the Twelfth street side, the front of the building, there will be a large double French window to each apartment opening upon a balcony, which will be closed in by an iron balustrade. The entrance will be in the center of the building. The lower part of the building will resemble smooth stone. In the rear there will be a porch, leading off from each apartment kitchen. On the east as well as on the west side, there will also be two large bay windows, affording more lighting space. The building will be 34 by 96 feet.

Everything that could be done to make the apartments cozy and modern was taken into consideration by Mr. W. H. McLain, the owner, and Architect Fred Faris, and when the building is completed it will be second to none in this vicinity. Although the work has been but practically started, several inquiries have been made of Dr. McLain about the apartments.

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