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First State Capitol Building

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First State Capitol Building History

Linsly Institute Building, History of Wheeling city and Ohio County, West Virginia and representative citizens, edited and compiled by Hon. Gibson Lamb Cranmer, 1902. In 1859, Linsly Institute, incorporated in 1814, erected a new three-story structure, still standing at 1413 Eoff Street.

Upon statehood in 1863, government officials leased the building and it served as the first state capitol building of West Virginia until 1870. When the state capitol moved from Charleston back to Wheeling in May of 1875, Linsly Institute once again served as the state capitol building until the new facility on Chapline and 16th Street was completed in 1876. 

Prior to statehood, this building was also used by the Restored State of Virginia for two legislative sessions.

The Linsly campus moved to Thedah Place was 1925, and the property was purchased by the Bertschy Funeral Home. Additional wings were added to the building while it served as a funeral home.

The Bertschy Memorial Mortuary building was purchased by the Medical Arts Corporation in March of 1961.

Today, the building, now called the "First State Capitol Building" currently serves as the home of Wheeling law firm Cassidy, Cogan, Shapell & Voegelin, L.C.; The WALS Foundation, and the Northern Panhandle Bureau of West Virginia Public Broadcasting. 


NW corner of 15th & Eoff Street (1413 Eoff Street)


Linsly Institue Building  |  1st State Capitol Building of West Virginia

Newspaper Articles

First State Capitol Will Once Again Change HandsWheeling Intelligencer, Tuesday, March 21st, 1961   

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