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Renovation of First Presbyterian Church, 1886

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- from The Wheeling Intelligencer, April 12, 1886:



Renovated and Refitted Elegantly, Formally Consecrated to its Sacred Uses Yesterday

— Interesting Services of an Appropriate Character.

Yesterday the elegantly refitted church of the First Presbyterian congregation was re-dedicated. The services, both in the forenoon and evening, were of an appropriate character, and the congregations were unusually large. Rev. Dr. Cunningham preached in the morning an eloquent and forcible sermon, taking as his theme "The House of God Desirable," and last evening his topic was "The Advantage of drawing near to God in his Sanctuary." This discourse was also suggested by the occasion. The music by the new quartette choir was not the least notable feature of the occasion.

The church is now as handsome, bright and attractive in its interior fittings as any edifice in the city. The ceiling and walls have been tastefully and elegantly frescoed, and the furniture renewed throughout. The new pews are stylish as well as comfortable, and are very nicely arranged for the convenience of the congregation. Probably the most notable feature of the new appointments are the stained glass memorial windows. These are of the best Cathedral stained glass, and the figuring and inscriptions are unsurpassed in the artistic qualities. Of these windows the two on the sides of the pulpit were put in by the church, and are memorials, one of the former pastors of the church now deceased, and the other of former elders who has passed away. The other eight are put in by the relatives and friends and individuals who lived and died in this church, and are lasting and fitting testimonials of affectionate remembrance by the living and of the virtues of the dead.

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