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St. Paul's Episcopal Chapel Dedicated, 1893

- from Wheeling Daily Intelligencer, Monday, March 20, 1893:


Out at Elm Grove Formally Dedicated Yesterday.


And Rev. Jacob Brittingham Assists in the Services — Description of Some of Features of the Modest, but Pretty Little House of Worship. Vanderbilt Contributed to the Expense.

The St. Paul's Episcopal Chapel, a very pretty and cozy little edifice just completed at Elm Grove, was formally dedicated yesterday afternoon in the presence of as many people as could get inside and within hearing of the services. Numbers who went out on the 3 o'clock motor failed to get inside to hear the interesting ceremonies, and immediately returned to the city.

The edifice is a very pretty but simple piece of architecture, built of frame, with a seating capacity of 125 people. Although constructed of wood, it is a very durable structure, being built on massive foundations above the marks of any floods that have occurred in the past.

The interior is plain and neat, without any ornamentation of a marked character, giving a feeling of relief and rest to the eye and a grateful repose to one upon entering. The finish is hard wood, oak predominating. The building was erected through earnest efforts of the members and rector of St. Matthew's P. E. church, and a number of interested friends. The subscriptions in a number of cases were very generous, among which were one from Cornelius Vanderbilt, for $500, through Rev. David Greer, rector of the St. Bartholomew's P. E. church, New York, of which church Mr. Vanderbilt is an attendant; also a $100 donation on Christmas from Rev. Dr. Greer.

A number of the interior furnishings are memorial given by friends of the chapel. The organ was secured by Mr. Allen Brock. On the handsome walnut lectern is the inscription: "To the memory of Mrs. Anna Pryor, by the friend of her youth, Mrs. Ann Delaplain." Among the other memorials presented is the altar cross by Major Alonzo Loring, in memory of his departed wife and daughter; also the Bible, by a number of young people in memory of Miss Minnie Loring. The furnace and heating apparatus is the gift of Mrs. Joseph Du Bois. The building was erected under the supervision of Mr. Shriver Woods.

The exercises were brief and impressive, Rev. Jacob Brittingham, rector of the St. Luke's P. E. church, offering up the prayer and blessing. Rev. Dr. R. Rush Swope, rector of the St. Matthews P. E. church, under whose charge the chapel will be in the future, made the address, the remarks being very eloquent and appropriate to the occasion. The choir of St. Matthews furnished excellent music. On next Sunday, Rev. Bishop Peterkin, of Parkersburg, will pay a visit to the chapel.

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